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PAX Prime Quarterfinals: TSM vs mMe

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Aug 31, 2012 03:58

ImageSecond match of the day and we see Team Solomid facing MonoManiac e - sports. David vs Goliath. Do mMe have the courage to beat a team that hasn't lost to any NA team in a LAN the last 4 months? Stay tuned for full coverage!

A lot of people talked about this match being the best of the quarterfinals. A good amount of them said that US Monomaniac eSports Ferus can surpise the powerhouse called US Team SoloMid . US Andy 'Reginald' Dinh stated in an interview before the match that he is not afraid of mMe but he is afraid of his own team messing up. mMe on the other hand went in the match with the safety of facing the best team in the North American region and no one will blame them if they lose. Everything comes down to this best of three. Let's analyze it play by play!

Game 1


TSM bans: Alistar, Yorick, Rumble
mMe bans: Kayle, Karthus, Vladimir


TSM picks: Shen, Sona, Corki, Shyvana, Morgana
mMe picks: Maokai, Nunu, Anivia, Graves, Irelia

Game Recap:

The game started with TSM going really aggresive into mMe's blue buff and delaying Maokai's jungle but an over aggressive move by Solomid trapped Xpecial into four mMe members and gave the first blood to Anivia. After this the game went full farm mode until 18 minute mark when both teams gathered near the dragon. A fight took place there, Reginald got a double kill and TSM took the dragon after.

The second dragon fight didn't rly work out as good as the first one for TSM. mMe went to the dragon nest first and they picked up the dragon. As soon as TSM found out, Morgana engaged with a flash + ult but mMe managed to turn this fight into a 3 for 2 exchange in their favour. Aphromoo chased Chaox that escaped from the fight rly low on HP but Dyrus was near and he punished Aphro for his greediness giving Chaox the kill.

The third dragon spawned and mMe gathered at his nest faster than TSM. They picked up the dragon but Shyvana engaged with a beautiful ult over an Anivia wall and TSM won this fight with a 4 for 1 exchange. After this fight TSM went near the baron and baited a fight while Dyrus was pushing mMe's bottom nexus turret. mMe went to stop TSM from taking the baron, Morgana engaged with a nice ult, Shen ultied his way there and TSM turned this fight into a 4 for 0 slaughter. The game was already pretty much over and TSM decided to make the final push. On their way they caught Maokai off position, killed him, went inside mMe's base and after a 3 for 1 exchange in their favour they pushed to the nexus for game 1.

Winner: Team Solomid


Game 2


mMe bans: Shen, Maokai, Nunu
TSM bans: Alistar, Rumble, Yorick


mMe picks: Vladimir, Kayle, Sona, Mundo, Sivir
TSM picks: Blitzcrank, Karthus, Graves, Shyvana, Jayce

Game Recap

The game started with no lvl 1 aggresion from both teams. TSM made a really aggresive play though, at 3:30 when Xpecial, OddOne and Chaox tower dived Balls with Chaox picking up the first blood. The game was going back and forth in kills but nothing really exciting happened until Shyvana decided to gank bottom but after a small chase Blitzcrank failed to grab someone and after a great Sona ult by Muffinqt, mMe turned this gank around with Aphromoo picking up two kills.

The first dragon of the game went to TSM uncontested and after they slained the dragon they ganked bottom and killed Sivir and Sona. Monomaniac started to get back in track and they picked up a few kills in the lanes but the second dragon of the game went uncontested to TSM again. A few minutes after, mMe went to the top lane with aggresive intentions but they didn't manage to kill someone at first. The whole TSM team became aware of their presence there and Reginald engaged with a great Karthus wall turning this fight into a 3 for 1 exchange in favour of his team.

TSM took the third dragon of the game with no reaction from mMe. Five minutes after a team fight took place at mid lane and things looked pretty even with a 2 for 2 exchange and three players escaping really low on HP. After the whole TSM team respawned, they gathered to the Baron's nest, slained it, and killed three members of mMe. After this fight, TSM decided to make the final push. They went into mMe's base, killed four of them and lost only one and they destroyed the nexus to become the team that will join Curse in the semi finals tommorow.

Winner: Team Solomid




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