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TSL 4 - Semi Finals Preview

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Aug 31, 2012 17:45

ImageTSL 4 has by far been one of the most anticipated online tournaments the StarCraft 2 world has seen so far. The prestigious 32 player tournament is featuring players from all over the world! The round of 8 is about to get under way - let's preview the action ahead of us!

The Team Liquid Starleague has become one of the biggest events of the year. TSL is known for changing the lives of many young pro gamers looking to make a name for themselves. This TSL will be no different in fact with the upcoming launch of HOTS this might be the tournament for someone to build their career.

The round of 4 is already knocking at the door. With the last foreigner being eliminated in the round of 8, the round of 4 is gonna be a battle between Koreans only. Every single player has shown one or more ways of incredible playstyle and therefore everyone among these four players would be a well deserved winner of TSL 4. Without further adieu let's take a look at the two semifinals!

Image courtesy of TeamLiquid

The first semifinal series of the evening will be a PvT with two extraordinary players. Lately PvT has changed a lot since the last patch. It has become harder for Terrans but they can't be underestimated. Especially the Koreans, they seem to be on top all the time, managing to find the perfect timing and perfect way to engage.

Only one Protoss is left in the TSL 4 but Creator surely is one of the best Protoss you will find. He is so far the best player of TSL 4 as he hasn't drop a single map to one of his opponents. Winning against CoCa or Hack surely isn't easy and not dropping a single map sounds nearly impossible when you think of facing off with Korea's top level players. However Creator is able to show incredible mechanics and decent timings which have crushed his opponents numerous times. With a map score of 10-0 and three wins in a row he could very likely advance to the finals.

His opponent Sting was one of the surprises of TSL 4. He is currently teamless and therefore many people thought he wouldn't get enough custom games where he could practise against professional gamers. The Terran should prove many people wrong. He dominated Beastyqt and DarKFoRcE, had some close games against First but managed to win all his games in a convincing manner. His only lost maps were against a Korean Protoss player though so one could think that he has at least some problems in that matchup. Still one got to keep in mind that his other matches were against foreigners and Koreans usually play a bit better.

The PvT matchup seems to be one of the most exciting matchups today and has delivered some very nice games with each race crushing each other but also some match series which could not have been more intense. Sting will try whatever he can to win but Creator looks pretty unstoppable in TSL 4 so far. He already managed to dominate one Korean Terran and he has some very good Terrans in his team Prime to practise so he should win this semifinal.

Prediction: Creator 4 - 1 Sting

Life does not need an introduction, does he? Numerous online cup wins, one all-kill in the GSTL and other impressive wins in that league will make you respect him. Despite sitting with a 51% win rate in ZvT it's very deceptive of his current skill. He already won against KeeN in one of the Iron Squid qualifiers and you can also find some other wins against great Korean Terrans. Can anyone really stop Life?

The second Terran in the round of 4, KeeN, had a rough time in TSL 4. He didn't dominate all his opponents too much and barely managed to advance to the round of 4. His teammate in MVP, DongRaeGu, might have been able to help him a bit in the TvZ matchup. With VortiX and JonnyREcco two good foreigners were already waiting for KeeN and didn't go easy on him. Nevertheless KeeN is a Code S player and especially his TvZ is one of the best to be seen. The matchup is all about the timings and the Korean Terran has some very good timings!

Both players are Koreans and both of them are capable of beating each other. There will be a lot of aggression and it might take a while until the winner is determined. KeeN has already been close to elimination in TSL 4 and will be playing his best to make sure he can advance again but Life may never be underestimated either. It is really gonna be a close series and it could go either way but statistics of TSL 4 favour Life.

Prediction: Life 4 - 3 KeeN

The round of 8 featured one match series of pure domination but also delivered some of the closest matchs one could see so far. The last four spots were quite hard to get and the players seem to get better each round, so make sure to be ready for some crazy action! The games start tomorrow at 8PM CET over on at Team Liquid.

However if you can't watch the action live tonight then don't worry, here at we will be providing live coverage of the entire night with results being updated as they happen and recaps of each series, be sure to check that out.



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