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SK Gaming offer CS:GO servers [UPDATE]

Aug 30, 2012 20:42

ImageGood news for all of you who want to connect the love for SK Gaming with their passion for the newly released Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Starting now, SK Gaming are providing you with three CS:GO servers to play on! Check out this post for all required information.

Update: our Arms Race and ( Demolition servers ( are now online.

It's been a bit more than a week since Valve ended the beta phase of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and has officially brought their game to all the players who've been anticipating the brand new version of the popular shooter for quite some time.

Have you ever wanted play CS:GO on servers offered by your favorite clan, SK Gaming? Then there's good news for you: Starting now, SK Gaming are hosting two Classic Competitive and one EPS Server for the community to play and compete on.

You should definitely join our servers and experience the game together with us!

Here's an overview of our available CS:GO Servers: - SK Gaming - Classic Competitive (16 Slot) - SK Gaming - Classic Competitive (16 Slot) - SK Gaming - EPS Server (10 Slot) - SK Gaming - Arms Race (20 Slot) - SK Gaming - Demolition Server (16 Slot)

In case this announcement made your day, take a deep breath because there's even more to come. In the near future we are also going to provide you with both Arms Race (Gun Game) and Demolition servers to give you access to multiple game modes to further your CS:GO gaming experience!

Due to all of this, we want to make a shoutout to our partners over at gamed!de and thank them for their support and for hosting the servers.

Also, we want to welcome all of you to join our servers and spend some fun time playing CS:GO. Let's celebrate the release of this great game together!



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