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SK|Mak's Black Ops 2 review [part 1]

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Aug 30, 2012 14:16

ImageAt gamescom '12, the SK Gaming Call of Duty players had the exclusive chance to play some Black Ops 2, although the game's release is first in November. Team captain Scott 'Mak' Brass has written a review about the game so far.

"So as most of you know we got to grip with Treyarch’s new game this week, Black Ops 2. In this relatively quick review I’m not going to cover anything other than the game itself. The game as we all know is set in 2025 and due to being in the future the developers have been able to implement certain kill streaks and weapons that are purely theory based at the moment, such as the guardian kill-streak or the target finder weapon attachment. Myself and Ellis got to play probably around 10 hours of the new game this week and after day 1 I decided that when I got home I wanted to do a review of it.

Game Modes

Multiteam Team Deathmatch
This game mode has a maximum of 18 players and can be any combination of 4 teams as far as I was told (4x4x4x4, 3x3x3x3, 2x2x2x2). To be honest, as bad as team deathmatch has been in the past, I'd go as far as saying that I enjoyed the multiteam aspect more than any other mode. It's the kind of mode that makes the really big maps that people don't really enjoy playable.

This game mode is one of the fastest modes of all the ones I got my hands on, it's basically Treyarch's new take on headquarters. The big difference here is that one person must be in the capture area at all times to earn points. Personally, I didn't enjoy this mode as much as the others simply because whenever we played it the people who we played against (the public) loved claymoring and electrical surging every doorway, but I'll go into items later.

Capture The Flag
The bread and butter of Call of Duty games. It's difficult to say what is different about this mode to other Call of Duties and to be honest, there isn't much. Positional play still rules the mode and Treyarch have brought back the touch return (instead of a 2 second return). We never got a chance to look at the game set up options to see if this was a toggle or not. One of the only things that stood out on this mode was how much of the competitive aspect they have brought in. When the game ends in normal time at 2-2 the overtime that is played is exactly the same as our stopwatch rules in every way. The soon as team 1 captures the first flag (let's say at 2:08) of overtime the round will end. The second round will then begin with 2:08 on the clock. Meaning that all overtime calculations are done in game with no way of mistakes being made. This is a simple change but again is a nod to the competitive community.

In the past couple of Call of Duties I have really missed this mode and to be honest would love nothing more than it to be included for Black Ops 2. Everything runs the same as all previous Call of Duties, except that for the most part the spawns seem to work on every map that we played (probably due to Hastr0’s involvement) and again Treyarch take note of the competitive scene and that we play both sides of domination and the winning team is a culmination of both side’s score. So now domination is round based and again Black Ops 2's engine manages the scores and adds them from both sides.

I'd also like to add that both Demolition and Search and Destroy are game modes but because I didn't get a chance to play either I won't bother posting anything about them.



We only got the chance to play 4 maps from the game but I have assurances from people who are in the know that there will be lots of maps that have been designed purely with e-Sports in mind. I won't talk about them as I've been told not to. The 4 maps that we got to play were:

The map is set in a post-war section of L.A. I believe. I mentioned to the other pro’s at the event that the map felt and played very much like Invasion (MW2) or Cracked (Black Ops). What I mean by this is that there is basically the middle map where all the action takes play and 2 sides for each team. (6/10)


The map though I can imagine it seems way to big to be competitive is actually a lot smaller when you get to play it. A previous map that I would most compare it to would probably be Favella (MW2). It's got lots of buildings for people to camp in and to be honest thats the major drawback in the map for me. (7/10)


Turbine is a massive map and if I am completely honest it's way too big to feature in the competitive community, again only my opinion. This is the map that really made me fall in love with multiteam team deathmatch. As it was big enough for the 4 teams to be able to control their own point of each map. There isn't too many buildings and being honest the only pitfall is its sheer size. (5/10)


I think everyone who played Black Ops 2 will agree that this was their favorite map and it's easy to see why. The map is fairly symmetrical has a wide open the space in the middle for team conflicts and though has lots of crates isn't too clutters to cause any problems. Really enjoyed this map on every mode I played on it and can easily see if being one of our maps. (8/10)



Assault Rifles
The assault rifles all seemed pretty balanced. The pro players seemed to favor the the M8 and Type-25 which are burst and fully automatic respectively. However, there was also the Scar, SMC & others. The AR role in my opinion is going to be totally redefined with 1 attachment, fire rate switch (next section).

Sub-Machine Guns
Now this class of weapon seems to have been opened up greatly. Almost every game I watched or played in people were using different SMG’s, my personal favorites were the MSC and the Scorpion. By the end of the week, almost all the pro’s were using 3 attachments on the SMG’s which seems to be a mix between these: Laser Sight, Rapid Fire, Grip and Ext Mags.

This is going to seem lazy but due to the developers asking us to use a lot of the competitive stuff I didn't really get a chance to use things like shotguns, LMG’s & snipers. So I won't include them in this review. But what I'll say is that the pistols seemed totally different to any other Call of Duty with almost all of them being semi or fully automatic. I did raise this with the developers and they said they'd see what they can do.


I'm not going to go through every single attachment as to be honest, there is absolutely hundreds of them and I don't have that much time. As you can see from the screen shot below which is the attachments which are only available to AR’s there is a lot to choose from. The most popular ones from a competitive point of view were:

Select Fire - Fully-Auto, Semi-Auto, Burst & One Shot. (left on d-pad to change)

Reflex Sight - Exactly the same as our red-dot.

Fast-mags - as the exact same as dual-mags.

Fore-grip - basically the perk steady-aim.

Laser Sight - ridiculously overpowered, makes the left trigger totally redundant.

Quick-draw - exactly same as the perk."


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