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MC: Dreaming of being a Progamer

By Robert 'InzTTP' Wylie
Aug 29, 2012 18:30

ImageSang Jin 'Vallen' Park recently conducted a very in depth look into MC's life as a pro gamer. The interview goes into detail about his rise to the top and how he handles being MC.

Sang jin 'Vallen' Park's interview dives deep into the life of MC and how he got to where he is today.

The interview touches on things we as outsiders don't get to see in his life such as: how he coped with the struggles to reach the pinnacle of StarCraft and dealing with the pressure at the top.

"MC transferred from oGs to SK Gaming early 2012. He chose international team over Korean teams so he could focus more on international tournaments.


"It is easier to compete in foreign tournaments, and SK gamings manager Ko, Min-shik help me a lot before, and that affected a lot in choosing the team. He helped me a lot during tournaments and that was very impressive. And I'm now the only SC2 player in SK Gaming so he takes care of me better. The big problem when people move to foreign teams is that they feel hard to find practice partner, but I can practice with players who are close with me in online.”

But there is one grievance MC has, his girlfriend lecturing him.


“It was better when I was living together with the team but my girlfriend started nagging about everything since I live alone. When I practice late night and sleep in the next day she wakes me up saying such as ‘Why are you still sleeping! It’s time to wake up and practice! You want to be called Jang Go In(Go in: Korean term for the dead) again?’ She is acting as my manager in Korea since our team manager Go Min Sik is abroad. I don’t feel alone because of her and I’m always thankful for that.”

MC has won two GSL Championships, more in foreign tournaments, he has done far enough as a progamer. What is his final goal?


"As the time passes and if I no longer can stand in Code.S, I'll stop gaming with no regrets. Holding the place with ability that doesn't deserves the place just harms other progamers. I want to leave when people still remember my truimphs. After that, I want to be a prosecutor." We asked him why he is willing to be the prosecutor. And his answer was "It's cool."

"Prosecutor who previously was a progamer, it looks cool I think. I'll keep challenging in the qualifiers even I become a prosecutor. In fact, I want to be a president, just like my nickname 'President Toss'. I am confident that I can do well no matter what I decide to do. I believe 'if I live a day hard, the day after it will be a good day', and I always do my best every day.

So I'll do my best on the OGN Starleague. It feels like returning to my hometown after a big success in my life. Starleague champion is one my dream as a gamer, and I want to be remembered as the first protoss champion of both GSL and Starleague. You'll think I deserve it when you see my previous games.(laugh)"

I urge everyone to head on over to TeamLiquid and check the interview out!.

Here at SK-Gaming we would like to thank all involved: Sang jin 'Vallen' Park, Seron (KAIST OPt,LTE / NEXSeron) and SK,Kim.



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