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VeryGames are now Titan eSports

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Jan 8, 2014 00:55

ImageAfter five years of service, the former VeryGames team has now signed with Singapore-based organization Titan eSports, as rumors were saying.

In November it was announced that VeryGames are dropping out their CS:GO team, after five years of success. The reason was the organization was unable to fund future trips. FR Team VERYGAMES was one of the most successful teams during the last year, winning events such as MSI Beat It, Mad Catz Birmingham and EMS One Fall 2013. They were dropped out for a short period, but the players decided to stick together and search for a new organization to support their goals.

A statement was released at VeryGames’ website which said the following:

"Until this year, a full season asked tens of thousands of euros to be invested into the team.

"For 2014, the team’s ambitions will triple this requirement and Team VeryGames will not be able to cover those needs. We couldn’t or didn’t know how to evolve fast enough for this."

However, now the former VeryGames squad has signed with the Singapore-based organization Titan eSports. Rumor about them joining the same organization was spreading all over the community for weeks and was even mentioned in a [POD]Cast episode, and it was now confirmed as fact. Furthermore, BE Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans and his teammates will move in a gaming house, located in Brussels, Belgium.

Most likely the first event for the team, now under Titan eSports’ banner, will be the finals of the fifteenth season of ESEA League, which will take place in Dallas, Texas from January 17th to 19th. To view more information about this event, click here.

An interview with FR Richard 'shox' Papillon about the new organization, gaming house and the upcoming ESEA event can be found at

FR Titan eSports CS:GO division features the following players:

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for updates and for the coverage of the fifteenth season of ESEA League in Dallas, Texas.




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