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MUFC lose spot in The International

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Aug 25, 2012 23:28

ImageThe Malaysian team, MUFC eSports, has lost their position in The International, due to the failure to have all their members present. Therefore, Mousesports and World Elite will face off for the new opening.

In circumstances unfortunate for MY Invasion MUFC , the team has been disqualified from competing at The International 2012, which has its group stage beginning tomorrow. As it happens, MY was unable to travel internationally, as he lost his passport in Hong Kong. This follows after the four other members of the team had issues getting to Seattle, but managed to improvise and arrive on time. The management of MUFC attempted to reason with Valve, but giving Sharky additional time would have delayed the tournament, which was not an option.

Statement from MUFC eSports:
"For the rumors out there, we would like to explain to all who are commenting and asking about it.

Firstly, about the visa issue. The team were unable to transit to Vancouver because they do not have a transit visa. The starting point of this issue was because we encountered some technical problem for our previous tickets. Thus we purchased new tickets with new routes for all of them. However, our team has been arranged to depart to Seattle via New York. The problem has fixed.

Second issue, rumors about Sharky. He lost his passport in Hong Kong and that's why he is going to be late for the tournament. Our management team is working with Valve to do our best to send him to Seattle. However, the situation is still unforeseen.

We will update on Facebook about how the situation is progressing. Sorry for the troubles and we hope that the rumors could be ended.

Thank you!"

With this turn of events, there will be some positive initiatives being made. The two backup teams, EU mousesports and CN World Elite , will be competing in a best of five showdown tonight, to determine who join the fifteen other teams at The International. The international squad of Mousesports has been a fan favorite, with a considerable amount of controversy and outrage that the team was not one of the fourteen invited in the first place. Nevertheless, they are already present and practicing at the Valve headquarters in downtown Bellevue, where the preliminary stage will be beginning tomorrow.

Source: Dota 2, joinDOTA



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