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KeSPA explains the reason not joining GSL Season 4

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Aug 24, 2012 15:00

ImageKeSPA announced their official stance on their decision that they made yesterday – KeSPA pro-gamers won’t join GSL Season 4 Code A Qualifiers.

After the day of the vision declaration with GOM TV, KeSPA and Blizzard, KeSPA allowed their playes to join WCS, OSL, Cross Match on GOM TV, WCG, MLG Invitational. Those have been possible because KeSPA communicated with the host of each event over months to control the schedule.

KeSPA players will be presented at SC2 Proleague, OSL, WCG Korean representative qualifiers, WCS and MLG online matches, MLG final invitational. Their regular week schedule will be 4 days for Proleague, 2 days for OSL, 2days for MLG cross matches.

Therefore, KeSPA decided not to join GSL Season 4 because of their busy schedule.

About the future plan for joining GSL, KeSPA told:
"We don’t join GSL Season 5 because there has not been enough discussion prior to the event. If we discuss several issues prior to the event enough and if it could make some synergy with Proleague, we will join the future GSL."

KeSPA told that if there were any requests to join the event domestically as well as internationally, they will give priority to their event schedule such as Proleague and other planned events.

GomTV statement regarding KeSPA players at GSL Season 4 Code A Qualifiers:
"For our previous GSL Season 3 Code A qualifiers, we had inquired to KeSPA if their players would be allowed to participate and at the time, as scheduling was very difficult, KeSPA was not able to accommodate us. We also felt that many teams and players were still unprepared and concluded that we would request participation for the upcoming GSL Season 4.

Today, we have received an official response from KeSPA, stating that their players will, once again, not participate in the GSL Season 4 Code A qualifiers.

We are deeply sorry to all fans who have looked forward to seeing the Korean eSports scene work together in harmony.
Also, GOMTV would like to express their regret towards KeSPA’s reluctance to participate."

Kespa announced on the 23rd that they would not be taking part in GSL 2012 Season 4, but Kespa players and teams have expressed that they want to take part.

Ever since Kespa started going into Starcraft 2, their players have had pretty good performances, especially in WCS. This had led the Kespa coaches and players to say that "WCS Korean Qualifiers is a big turning point."

The performances of the Kespa players have been amazing in WCS Korea. There have been 64 games played between Kespa players and GSL players (as of 22nd), and out of the 64 games, the Kespa players have 36 wins and 28 losses, with a winning percentage of 56.25%, leading the GSL players.

"Being able to play against them in the tournament helped us to accelerate the pace at which we are catching up with them. It also gave us confidence. Winning in the tournament gives us confidence, and even if we lost, it gave us more experience, and that is helpful for us to catch up with them." Many players have expressed this, "Hoping to be able to play in the Code A tournament soon. We should be able to go ahead and play against the GSL players unconditionally, so we can gain more experience."

The coaching team shares the same thoughts. One of the coaches of a certain team which produced outstanding performances in WCS said, "Even though the performance at the lans isn't that good, but from the performance of the seeded players, the catching up of Kespa players is much faster than expected. If we are able to take part in the games in September, I think there should be at least 1-2 players from each team who can make Code A."

GSL related personnel felt the same way too. A certain commentator from GSL predicted, "In the WCS Korean Qualifiers, there should be at least 2 of them who will go on to be the representatives for Korea." But the fact is, out of the 10 representative spots, 3 of them have been taken by Kespa players.

This commentator noted, "The Kespa players won't be inferior if they were to go on GSL immediately. There is also a good chance there'd be some who'd make it to Code S. They have the basics of what it takes to be a pro-gamer. The only thing they lack is the in-game experience against other players."

Nonetheless, the hopes of the Kespa players and teams have been dissipated by the association's obstruction.

Addendum: There have been sources claiming that Gomtv had proposed really good deals for the Kespa players: 2 seeds straight to Code S, 2 seeds to Up and Downs, and 4 seeds to Code A.


KeSpa also told GomTV:
"It was difficult to adjust the player's schedules." Though the season will be over after this weekend, KeSPA needs to schedule Proleague post-season matches, along with the huge project that they are working on. Thus, they decided to not allow their players in participating this upcoming GSL."

KeSPa's Reasoning:
"KeSPA players will be presented at SC2 Proleague, OSL, WCG Korean representative qualifiers, WCS and MLG online matches, MLG final invitational. Their regular week schedule will be 4 days for Proleague, 2 days for OSL, 2days for MLG cross matches.
Therefore, KeSPA decided not to join GSL Season 4 because of their busy schedule."

Response from the E-sports Federation:
"First of all, on behalf of E-sports federation, we are truly sad about what happened to KT's Woo Jeong Ho. We are truly sad to deliver this news around this time.

Yesterday, we received a statement from Kespa that the players will not participate in GSL season. This was a shocking and disappointing news to us.

We want to express our apology on the breach in partnership between Kespa and Esports Federation and on Kespa's decisions.

GOMTV devoted great amount of effort to succesfully globalize Korean E-sports ever since the release of Starcraft II 2 years ago.

Thanks to this, "E-sports Federation" was assembled to work side-by-side with GOMTV in the hope to carry Korean E-sports a step forward.

Considering the days of "GOMTV Classic", the decision by Kespa to not participate in GSL is not a simple issue and we are afraid that it might recur in the future considering the situation.

GOMTV provided Kespa players with various accommodations regarding the schedule and application process and yet the decision by Kespa seems to spoil the partnership between E-sports Federation and Kespa.

One of the reasons that Kespa will not participate in GSL was that there is a conflict in scheduling of the players. This is pretty hard to accept as GOMTV was able to accommodate many schedule conflicts without any problem for the past 2 years and this was also the case for Kespa players who participated in WCS and WCG.

E-Sports Federation does not want GSL to be removed from Korean E-sports and if it does, the effect of E-sports Federation players to the global E-sports will decrease for certain.

We think that it is mandatory for Kespa to work with us and show great games to our viewers. As such, we have contacted teams of E-sports Federation (Startale, LG-IM, Prime, MVP, NSH, TSL, FXO) regarding the players who are participating in OSL (Nestea, MVP, DRG, MKP, Parting, San) to make the following decision:

For the better future of Korean E-sports, we politely ask Kespa players to participate in GSL and until Kespa decides to allow their players to join GSL without any problem, we have decided to pull our players from OSL.

It is also difficult for us to make such harsh decisions but we think it is necessary to appeal the dignity of GOMTV and E-sports Federation.

Once again, we are truly apologetic regarding such news and we hope that Kespa would cooperate so that we can show amazing games to all of you.


E-sports Federation Player representative Jae Deok "Nestea" IM
E-sports Federation President Won Jong Wook"

Khaldor's (GSL English Caster) twitter stated:
"The GSL Players are forfeiting their spots in the OSL in response to the KeSPA Announcement! I like it, what do you guys think about it?"

A statement from Blizzard is coming today.

Recent update

After ESF's threat of boycotting OSL, KeSPA decided to participate GSL Season 5

On Aug. 24, KeSPA released a statement that they will participate in the next GSL after GSL Season 4. In order to prevent another fallout of leagues as eSports Federation made a statement to boycott OSL, all teams in KeSPA have decided to participate the next GSL tournament that will happen after GSL Season 4.

Sources: GomTV, ThisIsGame, gamechosun, Daily eSports



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