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WCS: North American Championship preview

By Sebastian 'EggY' Swierad
Aug 24, 2012 01:29

ImageMLG is coming up this weekend along side Blizzards biggest North American tournament yet, The North American Championships. 32 of the best players in North America will compete for the first place prize of $24,000 and one of 7 seeds to the final tournament. Read on for the full preview!

This upcoming weekend, North Americas largest summer tournament is happening. The MLG Summer Championships in Raleigh. Not only will the best players be attending the MLG tournament to compete for the prize money and bragging rights. The top players from the WCS: Mexico, USA, and Canada Championships will be competing at MLG Raleigh to truly crown who the best player in North America.


Let us start at where all fun always begins, in the country of Mexico. While Mexico does not have the best player base in the world, there is one man who holds the whole country on his back, ROOTMajoR. If you have not heard of MajoR then you must not have been playing Starcraft recently. He is known for team hopping, but he is one of the best Starcraft players in both Broodwar and now in Starcraft 2. During his Brood War career he was a training partner for one of the players on the Korean Teams and now he trains in Korea for Starcraft 2.


Moving a little North, we are now looking at the WCS USA champion hailing from the team ROOT, is Dan "ViBe" Scherlong. ViBe had gone through some of the toughest USA player's such as: EG.IdrA, iSInsur, and Quantic.State. ViBe real strong point is his multi-tasking. He is one of the few players that can constantly keep up over 270 average APM in every game he plays and it is not like he is spamming. ViBe is known to be training on the Korean Server holding a Top 5 in his Masters division constantly. Will the American Zerg hero take home the gold? Only time will tell.


Finally moving up on our map of North America we have finally arrived in Canada. Canada is home of some of the scariest players that have surfaced in this game. Canada is home to players such as EG.HuK, ROOTKiwikaki, GoSu.Ostojiy, and Canadian WCS champion Acer.Scarlett. Scarlett has been a powerhouse in the community ever since she took down some big name Koreans in the open LAN qualifier at IPL. Her best match-up is ZvT and ZvZ so we will see if ViBe or MajoR can knock down the Canadian Queen.

This up coming weekend should be a great one. Be sure cheer on your favorite players live or on stream. Whether you are a fan of the Korean scene or fan of North American players, MLG Summer Championship has you covered on all sides. Have a great weekend everyone!

Let's show the E-Sport world that Starcraft is the best one yet!



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