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Fnatic starts NA Dota 2 squad

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Aug 22, 2012 22:27

ImageFnatic has now begun the assembly of a North American Dota 2 squad, led by Tim 'PowerNet' Moon.

As previously speculated, Fnatic has taken the initiative to add a new Dota 2 squad, led by none other than US Tim 'PowerNet' Moon, who is currently the sole representative for this new division. For the immediate future, PowerNet will be assembling a North American squad, with the intent of competing in the international scene. Since the early stages of the Dota 2 beta, PowerNet has been an integral part of several mid-level teams, including US EZ Style , US It's Gosu eSports , US Captain Planet and most recently, US Hydra . These teams have generally consisted of several of the same players, although it is not clear if they will be brought on to compete for Fnatic.

While the North American team will be assembled, the other squad representing Fnatic, composed of the former HoN squad, will continue to represent the organization. Said team's performance was anything but certain soon after the switch, but recent results have indicated a massive increase in capability and coordination, resulting in various tournament victories over these past few weeks.

Statement from US Tim 'PowerNet' Moon:
"Joining Fnatic is a huge opportunity for me. Joining as a single player is indeed, a daunting task, but rest assured, there will be great results to come. It’s only a matter of time before Fnatic.NA will be top dog!"

Statement from Fnatic General Manager IN Elroy "Noname" Pinto:
"A new beginning for Dota 2 on FnaticRC today! We have been looking to expand our base into North America and we didn't find the right people to work with. When we did look at exisitng teams around individuals we came across Tim and in subsequent conversations it became quickly clear that he was someone we wanted to work with him. In the coming weeks we will be assembling and putting our team together, we understand such things don't happen overnight but we have the patience and with Tim's dedication I am sure we will reach something positive. Tim will be also streaming shortly via own3d and you can follow his games and the construction of this team on our website. Also for the concerned people out there, this is not the end of our European team they will happily co-exist with our North American one."

US Fnatic NA roster
US Tim 'PowerNet' Moon

Source: Fnatic



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