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gamescom 2012 3rd place match: vs Fnatic

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Aug 19, 2012 19:07

ImageLast day of the European regional qualifiers kicks off and it started with an interesting match between fnatic and for the 3rd place, a ticket to Season Finals and a guaranteed spot to Season World Championship Series.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That's the quote that best described Can Fnatic surpise CLG one more time after yesterday's loss versus SK? Or will CLG come more motivated than yesterday and angrier than ever and destroy the defending champions?

EU Counter Logic Gaming EU vs EU Fnatic

Game 1


CLG: Jayce, Alistar, Shen
Fnatic: Anivia, Irelia, Maokai


CLG: Nunu, Kog Maw, Gragas, Shyvana, Malphite
Fnatic: Nocturne, Ryze, Ezreal, Leona, Rumble

The game started with the teams following the safe route the first minutes. The first blood was drawn fast though after Snoopeh ganked mid at 5:20 and managed to give a kill to Froggen. Short after, CLG picked up two kills near the dragon's nest and they eventually killed the dragon too. The second dragon came with a hard cost for CLG. They managed to slay him almost uncontested but Fnatic initiated and when the fog of war was clear we saw four dead members from each team.

The next teamfight took place at the top lane. Malphite and Rumble were bottom and counter gank after counter gank we ended with a 4v4 teamfight taking place at the highest part of the map. Fnatic came out on top after some well placed ultimates from Cyanide, Lamia and nRated and they managed to take out two members of CLG without having a single loss. The third dragon of the game was picked up again by while Fnatic were destroying the top lane outer turret.

The teams were going back and forth in the middle lane without managing to complete any objectives. After a long time of trying to initiate, a teamfight at the baron's nest started, and CLG came out on top with a 4:0 exchange which they used to push for game 1.



Game 2


CLG: Jayce, Shen, Malphite
Fnatic: Anivia, Irelia, Malphite


CLG: Leona, Ezreal, Cho Gath, Renekton, Gragas
Fnatic: Nunu, Yorick, Graves, Ryze, Taric

New match, same passive play in the first three minutes. Again a Snoopeh gank at the top lane gave first blood to Ezreal which eventually turned to a double kill. At the 14 minute mark, Fnatic picked up the first dragon of the game uncontested.

Three minutes later, a teamfight took place at the mid lane with CLG coming out on top with a 3:0 exchange and an inner mid turret destroyed. Same situation on bottom lane and CLG again won this teamfight with a 3:1 exchange and an inner bottom turret destroyed.

Five minutes later, sOAZ got caught in his own jungle, CLG melted him to zero health and a 4:0 trade in their favour made the job to kill the nashor pretty easy. Three minutes after CLG almost aced Fnatic in their base with Lamia escaping with less than half HP and they destroyed the nexus to get the 3rd place of the event.





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