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gamescom 2012 Semi-Final: SK vs.

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Aug 18, 2012 19:32

ImageThis was probably the most anticipated game of the whole tournament. With as the favoured team can SK pull out the win with this relatively new team? Read on to find out!

A lot of people were looking forward for this match-up. With SK's perfomance lately, we can easily say that it is a clash of the titans. Even though are the clear favorites, SK are willing to win at all costs. Yesterday SK mentioned that they were prepared for and that they have special tactics against them. Normally, every team just says it to intimidate the enemy, however SK actually meant it.

EU SK Gaming vs EU Counter Logic Gaming EU

Game 1


SK: Alistar, Ezreal, Orianna, Janna, Gangplank Shen, Corki, Sona, Maokai, Gragas


SK: Karthus, Anivia, Malphite Yorick, Morgana, Nunu

The game started of with a simple smite steal on Maokai's blue buff, thanks to a ward. Both team's top lane's decided to switch lanes, so it was support and ad carry vs support and ad carry on top lane.

Araneae on Alistar started to counter jungle heavily early on and denied several wraith camps. As Maokai approached red buff, Gangplank showed up with Alistar and scared off Maokai. At this time, SK had every single buff. This excellent gameplay denied several buffs for CLG, until they managed to get their first blue buff at 24 minutes.

CLG gathered to push SK's mid turret down, as only 2 SK members showed up to defend it. They tried to engaged several times, however Orianna's and Janna's great utility allowed them to get away every single time, until SK's reinforcement arrived and picked up 2 kills. After pushing down a tower Gangplank showed his patience by waiting near CLG's red and picked Corki up with the help of Ezreal.

38 minutes into the game: Both teams are simply pushing the mid-lane back and forwards. By this time SK had an impressing 10.000 gold advantage. As the baron dance finally started, SK caught Gragas and went straight for baron. In addition to baron they demolish CLG's top lane tower and inhibitor in a single push.

Ultimately they go for the last push on bot-lane and kill Corki with a ridiculous amount of burst, after a long time of poking. Right afterwards they pick up Maokai and go straight for the nexus. Impressive and dominant performance by SK Gaming in game one.


Winner: SK Gaming


Game 2


SK: Nunu, Uydr, Orianna, Ashe, Gangplank Alistar, Corki, Skarner, Morgana, Renekton


SK: Karthus, Anivia, Ezreal Yorick, Shen, Malphite

Compared to game 1, this time CLG starts off with a lot more confidence. And it paid off. Udyr got caught by 5 men and got killed instantly for a first blood on Corki. The confident play of CLG went on and they played aggressive on every lane. Udyr once again got picked up on mid lane, thanks to a counter gank by Alistar and Skarner.

Due to two assists Skarner got an early oracle at minute 8 that completely disrupts SK's map control. However, this oracle did not last long as he lost it to Gangplank's ultimate, after he survived diving Orianna with less than 5% hp. By the 20 minute mark CLG destroyed every tier one tower of SK.

The first team fight erupts after CLG managed to get their third dragon. It looked rather bad for SK, however Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago on Orianna managed to pull of an extremely devastating ultimate and a triple kill to turn the tides. With only a person down, SK went directly for baron. However Morgana and Skarner were still alive and sacrificed themselves to interrupt the baron attempt.

All the action seemed to cool down as everyone based and shopped, until Udyr got caught by CLG, who were fighting baron. Once again, they did not count in Ocelote's great Orianna, who got another triple kill. In addition, SK finished off baron and got the mid inhibitor. For the first time of the game SK were leading in terms of gold.

In the end, SK started to push the last inhibitor and decided to go for the other 2 respawned inhibitors. CLG engaged on them, but they simply got demolished and the fight ended in a 4-0 in favour of SK, who finally destroyed the nexus. A game full of big plays, outstanding moves from Ocelote and an amazing comeback.


Winner: SK Gaming

SK Gaming will play in the finals tomorrow at 15:00 CET (3 pm) against RU Moscow Five , while will face fnatic for the third place at 11:00 CET (11 am). This will will be the last chance to attend to World Championship Finals!




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