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GamesCom 2012 Semi-Final: M5 vs Fnatic

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Aug 18, 2012 16:09

ImageDay 3 of GamesCom kicks off with the first Semi final match-up which is a best of three series between Moscow Five and Fnatic who both 2-0'd their opponents in the quarter finals yesterday!

Fnatic is the team that won Season 1 Championship last year but do they have what it takes to beat Moscow Five, the team that is considered as one of the strongest, if not the strongest League of Legends team in the world. The winner of this best of three will fight against either SK-Gaming or tomorrow in the Grand Finals of GamesCom !

RU Moscow Five vs EU Fnatic

Game 1


M5: Shen, Sona, Lee Sin, Ezreal and Ryze
Fnatic: Corki, Nocturne, Jayce, Leona and Anivia


M5: Alistar, Maokai and Nunu
Fnatic: Gragas, Yorick and Ahri

The game starts with Fnatic aggressively invading M5's jungle and successfully taking down Lee Sin at his own Red buff at 2:11 taking the buff as well, setting Diamondprox a bit behind.

At 11:52 M5 is able to pick up the first dragon of the game after forcing Fnatic to fall back with not enough health left to stop M5 from doing the dragon. After the first dragon M5 is able to take 6 kills in a row during the next 6 minutes and successfully picking the second dragon as well at 18:27.

M5 is dominating hard and while rest of the team distracts Fnatic, Diamondprox and Gosu Pepper are able to take baron down at 30:30 due to Fnatic's lack of vision. After that M5 is able to pick a few kills in Fnatic's base and right before the first inhibitor turret is going down the surrender vote comes in from Fnatic at 33:12

Winner: Moscow Five


Game 2


M5: Ezreal, Sona, Lee Sin, Jax and Karthus
Fnatic: Alistar, Leona, Graves, Zyra and Rumble


M5: Maokai, Nunu and Shen
Fnatic: Gragas, Yorick and Ahri

The game starts exactly like the previous one as Fnatic tries to catch Diamondprox off guard once again. This time Diamondprox is aware of that and starts on blue buff instead. The first blood is picked up by Gosu pepper at 4:20 on nRated followed by sOAZ going down on top lane as well.

While Darien is getting chased and taken down by Cyanide and sOAZ near top lane Diamondprox is able to take down the earliest dragon of this tournamentat 8:05 with no competition at all.

The first huge team fight of the game breaks out when M5 goes for the dragon at 14:41. sOAZ is able to steal the dragon with the Rumble ultimate followed by 5-2 exchange and The Ace in favor of Fnatic.

3rd dragon is taken down by Fnatic at 21:25 after they literally blew up Diamondprox and Alex Ich with their well timed ultimates, setting the score into 19-9 and 8k gold lead on their favor. At 34 minute mark Fnatic takes down 3 members of M5 and picks up an uncontested baron followed by Fnatic taking down the first inhibitor at 36:45 as well as then 2nd inhibitor a few minutes later.

At around 39 minutes a team fight breaks out under M5's top inhibitor turret. 2 members of M5 goes down allowing Fnatic to finally push down the nexus turrets and the Nexus itself at 40:01 with a score of 30-16 on favor of Fnatic.

Winner: Fnatic


Game 3


M5: Nunu, Udyr, Corki, Ryze and Xin Zhao
Fnatic: Ahri, Malphite, Lulu, Ezreal and Mundo


M5: Alistar, Maokai and Zyra
Fnatic: Gragas, Yorick and Shen

The third game starts very passively with both of the teams defending their jungles for possible invades. Alex Ich picks up the first blood on xPeke at 4:10 with a help of couple of great ganks from Diamondprox.

At 15:42 M5 is able to take down the first dragon after they force xPeke to recall with a low amount of health left, setting the score into a 4-1 and a 2k gold lead in their favor. A huge team fight breaks out near the dragon pit at 23 minute mark. A 3-1 exchange in favor of M5 guarantees a safe dragon for them which is taken down at 23:57.

M5 starts doing baron at 31 minute mark but Cyanide is able to Smite-steal it. Even though Fnatic got the Baron buff, M5 is still so much ahead that they are able to force a fight leading to a 4-1 exchange, 2 turrets and a dragon in favor of M5. At 34:50 M5 rushes top and takes down the first inhibitor, which means their lanes are now automatically pushing and giving them that much wanted map control.

At 37 minute mark M5 successfully initiates a team fight under Fnatic's mid inhibitor turret leading to a 3-1 exchange on their favor. With this advantage they are able to take down the Nexus turrets and the nexus itself with a score of 21-5.

Winner: Moscow Five




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