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IEM VII: MC Day 4 Coverage

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Aug 18, 2012 10:34

ImageThe first few days of Gamescom, MC breezed through the open bracket and on the next day passed the group stages. MC will face tough competition in the Ro12. Read on for live coverage!

IEM Global Challenge returns with its seventh season, kicking off in Cologne, Germany, at Gamescom. The defending champion of season six, our very own KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang, will play in the round of 12.

On day one MC showed that he wasn't going to take it easy, smashing through his bracket and making it to groups which he passed even though he was struggling in some matches. Day four has come and now we enter the round of 12 where MC will face players like Kas, viOLet and ForGG. Here on we will provide live coverage of MC's progress in Ro12. Check back frequently for the latest news

Gamescom Round of 12 - Live Stream

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 3 - 1 UA Mihail 'Kas' Hayda

Game 1 ESL Daybreak - Winner: Kas
Game 2 ESL Ohana - Winner: MC
Game 3 ESL Atlantis Spaceship - Winner: MC
Game 4 ESL Cloud Kingdom - Winner: MC

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang advances to the Quarter finals!

Series recap:
The first match of the series was played on Daybreak where both players decided to go for a macro passive early game, with only one difference. At the start of the game Kas managed to block the natural expansion of MC with an engineering bay, forcing him to drop three additional gateways before getting his second Nexus. If only the Protoss player had known that at that specific time in the early game he could have ended it with his 4 gateways, because Kas was going for a three orbital build. In the end MC decided to go with the macro style and expanded twice while teching to templars and chargelots. Having the huge economic start, Kas got his maxed army before the Protoss player and went for an attack near his third base and destroyed it. After this successful engagement, Kas went for a final attack with his insane 13 ghost count and got the “gg” from MC as he was not able to make the switch from High Templars to Colossus.

Ohana was the map to kick off the second game. The beginning of this match didn’t differ from the the previous one. Both players went for early expand builds and again MC was the one with a blocked natural at the start. When the game went into over three basses for both of the players they started to poke each other, making some back and forth action. At this point it was everyone's game. The turning point of the game was when Kas attacked the fourth base of MC, sacrificed everything to get that Nexus and lost three medivacs which were aimed to drop into the main base of the Protoss player. MC, knowing that this game is in his pockets, started to hunt down Kas mining basses forcing him to come at him. When that happened the army supply was in MC’s favour and Kas had to type “gg”.

Cloud Kingdom is the map to welcome the third match between these two macro beasts, the start of this game is no different than the other two, macro oriented openings from both of them. This time the one that started the early aggression is Kas with some Medivac drops, after a while of passive play Kas got himself into a great situation, he got MC out of position and managed to kill his Nexus at the natural, but the cost of it was losing his whole army. The Protoss player realised that Kas had lost way too much in the trade and went for a attack at the third base of the Terran player and destroyed it and after that he went straight to his main base. After a long 40 minute back and forth action with storm drops and army splitting, MC got the best of it with his superior positioning and force fields placements and won game number three.

Cloud Kingdom is the next map in the series, this time something is different, they both again went for a fast expand builds, but this time MC followed it up with a carrier production from double stargate and got a couple of gateways. When the number of carriers reached 4, MC started his death push through the middle of the map where he met the army of Kas, but it was not enough to stop this deadly push because he invested way too much into his economy.

MC took the series and moved onto the quarter finals.
Recap provided by: MMDollar

Gamescom Round of 8 - Live Stream

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 0 - 3 PL Arthur 'Nerchio' Bloch

Game 1 ESL Ohana - Winner: Nerchio
Game 2 ESL Entombed Valley - Winner: Nerchio
Game 3 ESL Daybreak - Winner: Nerchio

Series recap:
Ohana is the map to start the series with, MC is looking for retribution, because last time Nerchio beat him in the HSC 5. The game itself started pretty standard both of them went for a fast expand builds, the aggressor in this game was MC aiming to do a +1 ground attack timing with a warp prism supported by 7 Gateways. Sadly the attack got scouted and the defences were already established from Nerchio at the choke point where MC wanted to drop force fields, in order to destroy and block the main base. After the attack was dealt with, Nerchio went for a counter attack and killed a lot of sentries and probes at the natural base of MC. Immortals and sentries were the next and last choice by MC, when he got around 3-4 immortals he started the push on the third base of Nerchio but his force fields were not enough to save his army and “gg” was called by MC.

Game number two was played on Entombed Valley, this time the game went a little different than the normal approach these players do. They both went for expand builds but this time Nerchio did a sneaky mind game he canceled his third base and went for a roach/ling attack which caught MC off guard while he was teaching to Stargate and lost rather fast game two.

The next game is on Daybreak, at the moment it looks like it could be the last game of the series if Nerchio continues with his great decisions. Both players got their basses quite early, you might even say that MC got his third too early at least that is what Nerchio thought. Once he saw this he set up an attack with Infestors who dropped infested marines and some zerglings which destroyed the third base of MC. After that devastating blow to MC’s economy, he was always a couple of steps behind Nerchio and in the end the Zerg player had better units and economy. MC held on valiantly but ultimately the Broodlord, Infestor army of Nerchio was too much and MC was forced to accept defeat and exit the tournament.
Recap provided by: MMDollar

Unfortunately MC is knocked out of the main tournament at IEM.



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