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GamesCom 2012: SK vs

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Aug 17, 2012 17:59

ImageDay 2 kicks off with a quite interesting match-up: it's SK-Gaming versus Now, remember that this tournament is played as an unforgiving single elimination system, so this best of three will already be an all or nothing.

The second day's first best of three is seen as a neck and neck fight. SK Gaming managed to place third in ECC Poland after only a week of practice. This time however they had a lot more time and they even trained a week in a boot camp. Will SK be able to show what they are capable of?

EU SK Gaming vs PL Team Acer pl

Game 1


SK: Janna, Gragas, Gangplank, Ezreal, Malphite
ACER Lee Sin, Morgana, Sona, Yorick, Graves


SK: Karthus, Shyvana, Orianna
ACER: Alistar, Nunu, Shen

Game one started quite strange, as SK Gaming gave blue buff to Gangplank and sent him bot for a dominant laning phase. Yorick struggled early on against SK's aggressive Ezreal + Janna combo, which is why Lee Sin ganked top lane early on. However, Ezreal was simply too strong, as he almost got a double kill and forced Yorick to back.

Not much time has passed and ACER's Morgana managed to kill the already low on hp Ezreal for first blood, as a result of a sneaky 2 man gank top. Just a second later Gangplank killed Sona with the help of Malphite. With Malphite hitting level 6 the lanes got even more aggressive. He ganks bot immediately after the level up and kills Sona in no time, but Morgana's TP equalizes the gank, as she kills Malphite. Meanwhile on mid Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago shows the true power of Gragas: Lee Sin tries to 1v1 Gragas, because he had no mana. But the blind monk clearly underestimated the power of a drunk man and gets humiliated, even tho he had double buff.

SK decides to stop the laning phase and gather at mid to push as a full team after they destroyed top tower. They are only able to poke the mid lane tier 1 tower a bit, due to Morgana's pushing power. Thanks to Malphite's early oracle SK dominated in terms of map control, which led to a devastating Malphite ultimate that caught 2 ACER members off guard. In addition to those kills SK took down dragon, but ACER answered with a quick reaction and killed 2 champions for nothing. At least a scrap of comfort for ACER.

It seemed like both teams needed a break after all those action, because they poked each other for quite some minutes in the mid lane. The poking went on for long enough and Malphite saw his time to shine. He hit every single member of ACER with a devastating ultimate and so did Ezreal's ultimate. There was no way ACER could have come back from this combo, because ACER started the fight on 50% hp. The fight ended 4-2 in favor of SK. Right after ACER respawned they engaged another fight, that was similar to the fight before: 4 kills for SK, but they lost 2.

SK Gaming had the upper hand pretty much trough out the whole game and decided to go for the baron dance. ACER joined them, however Corki was somewhat a bad dancer and got caught by SK thanks to amazing gameplay from Gragas, Ezreal and Gangplank. After destroying the inhibitor tower on mid lane they go back and get a sneaky baron at the 36 minutes mark. Eventually they are able destroy the inhibitor, 3 members of ACER and the nexus on their final push.


Winner: SK Gaming


Game 2


SK: Corki, Janna, Orianna, Irelia, Maokai
ACER: Nocturne, Shen, Graves, Sona, Morgana


SK: Karthus, Shyvana, Nunu
ACER: Alistar, Gragas, Malphite

The second game starts as passively as the first one. Nothing special at level 1, but as soon as everyone was on his lane the action started. In fact, it started with a gank from Maokai on bot lane, that unluckily led to a first blood on Graves who died just a couple of seconds later tho. Meanwhile Kevin 'kev1n' Rubiszewski got dived by Nocturne and Shen, but he managed to outplay with some amazing jumps, a flash and the assist from a quickly reacting mid and got a double kill. Araneae once again went for an early oracle and ACER's map control had to suffer from it until ACER made an amazing play on top, initiated by Nocturne's ultimate. As Orianna und Maokai immediately showed up for a counter-gank Morgana teleported right into the action and killed Irelia while Nocturne finished of Maokai with his oracle.

Orianna pushed Morgana out of lane and managed to kill the first mid tower at 14 minutes assisted by Irelia. ACER responds by taking down the dragon, however this started a dragon-fight in which Maokai died instantly at the cost of 3 members of ACER. SK Gaming started playing the objective-game and focused on pushing down turrets on every lane. Out of nowhere Orianna got caught at the baron pit with flash on cooldown and died in the blink of an eye. As a result ACER managed to slay baron. Even though ACER clearly had the upper hand now, Corki reacted to that baron with pushing bot lane all the way through to the inhibitor. As team SK retreated from baron, 2 of them got caught and eliminated. ACER quickly pushed through 2 mid towers and left the inhibitor turret at literally 1% hp, because SK respawned. The whole SK team was on a hunt, as they chased ACER and picked up a couple of kills.

Some time passed by and both teams gathered on the mid lane. ACER initiated on Corki, who got killed instantly. Baron Nashor respawned and the baron dance started all over again. While everyone was at baron, Corki took down dragon single-handedly. Although SK initiated a fight on a good position, they got completely destroyed by a fatal Morgana ultimate. With 4 champions down on the SK side, ACER pushed the inhibitor and got another baron.

With baron buff up ACER decided to use Shen's power and went for a splitpush. SK answered with an engage and caused a pretty intense fight that ended in a 4-3 in favor of ACER. Some more minutes passed and baron respawned once again. Team ACER went straight for it, but Alvar 'Araneae' Martin Alenar made the play of the day by smite-stealing the baron. Even though SK only were 4 they managed to kill 2 people in a simple fight and catch another 2 later on at bot lane's inhibitor. Finally they stomped their way through the base and won with an amazing comeback thanks to Araneae.

Winner: SK Gaming




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