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Catching up with Ostojiy

By Robert 'InzTTP' Wylie
Aug 22, 2012 20:12

ImageWe recently had the chance to catch up with Ostojiy ahead of the WCS North American finals. Ostojiy is a very promising Canadian Zerg player who has been a rising star in the scene for a while now. Read on for the interview!

This feature will focus on getting to know the lesser known players who are making their splash in the StarCraft II scene. Ostojiy as a player fits the bill perfectly. He's just now coming to the top of his game putting up impressive results at MLG and the North American championship.

There's a lot to cover so let's dive straight into the interview!


Hello Ostojiy, thank you for kicking off this feature. How about we start off with you introducing yourself?

Ostojiy: Thanks for having me! My name is Chris Ostojic I'm going into my third year at Western University in Canada. I'm a 19 year old Zerg player from the team It's Gosu that loves to beat people on ladder!

Many people have heard of you but they might not know much about your gaming background, could you tell us a bit about your history in gaming?

Ostojiy: I was always a bit of a gamer, but never planned on playing competitively. I first played Brood War casually about 7 or 8 years ago. Around 2008 I picked the game back up knowing nothing about the competitive scene and ended up being half-decent for a foreigner, reaching B+ on iCCup. When Starcraft 2 was released I was already a step ahead of most people mechanically and because it was an even playing field I was able to become one of the best in North America. Since then I’ve been taking steps towards becoming a better player and making a name for myself.

You’re a professional gamer but also a student, how do you balance such a schedule?

Ostojiy: It’s not easy but there are a few people that can do it. If you look at the CSL you will see a ton of great players like Kawaiirice, QXC (graduated last year) and Suppy. I was studying history and had 14 hours of class every week last year so I actually had a lot of time to play competitively and still maintain a balanced lifestyle. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do it next year as I’m going into a competitive business program. Certainly there are sacrifices that need to be made but it’s not like in order to be a progamer you have to fail school and have no life.

You put on a great showing at WCS Canada, what were your expectations for yourself going into the tournament?

Ostojiy: There were a lot of zergs (my best matchup) so I was quite confident going into the event. It was one of few tournaments that I can attend without any Koreans so I knew it was my best shot at taking first. I’ve played everyone on ladder so I knew that I was capable of winning it all.

Let’s talk more about your performance at WCS Canada, you only lost to Scarlett, is she someone you feared going into the tournament?

Ostojiy: Honestly, the only person I was worried about was HuK. Not to say there weren’t other great players in the tournament but I’ve always choked against him at LANs so I didn’t want to face him. I knew Scarlett was really good but I’ve always done well against her online so I figured I could do the same style and win. Unfortunately for me she switched it up and beat me pretty badly with a 4-1 overall score.

Next week you’ll be competing in both WCS North America finals and MLG Summer, how has your preparation been so far?

Ostojiy: Really good so far, I’m expecting a similar result as WCS Canada because I’m in great shape and I don’t think the competition is too much tougher (except for some terran’s). I’ve landed number 2-3 on NA Grandmaster and will start grinding out custom games soon.


No doubt it’ll be tough to play in both MLG and WCS at once, what are your goals for both tournaments next week?

Ostojiy: I’m not sure if I will be playing in MLG simply because WCS is a much easier tournament to win. The schedule makes it hard to play both and if I focus on one than I will have a better chance at winning it all! My goal is to get top 3 in WCS although top 1 would be nice also.

You’re also a regular in the Collegiate Starleague, Season 4 saw you drop out in the third round of the playoffs. How do you feel last season was for you?

Ostojiy: Last season was good, as the coordinator I got a few new players to join the team and overall we created a really solid lineup. We are now a team that is capable of making it to the finals which is certainly going to be our goal for next year. For most of the season the team will focus on having fun playing the gaming, but come playoff season a lot of the guys start to take it seriously.

Your team has a difficult group for the upcoming season; do you think this season will be better for you?

Ostojiy: If we can land some new talent that would be awesome, but right now I am trying to develop our starting lineup as we already have a really strong team. We won the CSL Canadian Championship at NASL over U of T which was the team that knocked out of the playoffs so that was certainly a big confidence booster for the team.

There’s a lot of debate throughout every level of the community regarding the state of Zerg, do you think Zerg is in a good place at the moment?

Ostojiy: I joke about zerg being OP a bit, and it’s true that in certain situations it is really strong but the players that understand the game are able to do really well against me. I think that once the metagame shifts, more players will begin to see the weaknesses of Zerg.

The majority of the uproar is coming from the Terran players; do you feel Zerg could be imbalanced at the moment? Or is this purely a meta game issue?

Ostojiy: There are certain terran’s that do absurdly well against zerg (mostly Koreans) so to say that the race is completely overpowered doesn’t really add up. There are times when the Terran can feel helpless but it is probably my weakest matchup so I certainly can’t say that Zerg is OP.

The beta for Heart of the Swarm is just around the corner, have you been keeping up with the battle reports? And what’s your opinion on the new expansion?

Ostojiy: I played it at the last MLG in Columbus and got pretty excited. Hopefully the game improves with the new units, especially in PvZ where it becomes a turtlefest in the lategame. That being said I’m sure once the beta comes out there will be changes made, similar to WoL. Also I don’t think anyone has tested the units enough to fully understand the balance implications.

Thank you for the interview, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Ostojiy: Thanks a lot for reading and supporting me. I hope to make a big splash at WCS Continentals and play some great Starcraft for you guys!

Once again I would like to thank Ostojiy for the interview, this will be a regular feature here on SK-Gaming. In the comments below you can post who you would like to see interviewed next!



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