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GamesCom 2012: vs Team Alternate

By David 'darthsexy' Figueira
Aug 18, 2012 00:17

ImageLast Quarter-Final series of the Regional finals brings us and Team Alternate. The single eliminations has already shown to be an unforgiving format. Will it be an uphill struggle for the newcomers? Or will they be able to upset CLG's plans for an easy win? Check out our full coverage!

The second game of this best of three quarter-final matches, the favorites faces Team Alternate for a chance to win the big prize pool. The top ELO Player in the world against the one of the top teams in the world. Who will prevail ?

EU Counter Logic Gaming EU vs EU Team ALTERNATE

Game 1

Team Alternate: Karthus, Malphite, Alistar Twisted Fate, Ahri, Shen

Team Alternate: Sona, Maokai, Yorick, Corki, Gragas Ezreal, Leona, Irelia, Cho Gath, Anivia

The early game was really aggressive for both teams, as first blood was made on minute 3, with Orianna capitalizing an error from Froggen, scoring the kill. Both teams resumed their farming and aggression from time to time. In one of these actions on bot lane, Yellowpete on Ezreal could've easily scored a double kill, but was denied by a badly placed skillshot.

First dragon was in favour of, catching Gragas out of position and using it as an advantage.The game was going pretty even for both teams, as they were exchanging kills and the gold difference wasn't big. Second and third Drake also went in favor of CLG.

As the game was getting to it's final stages, were looking forward to increasing the advantage they built earlier on. First really big occasion was another dragon fight, after an amazing initiation by Leona, placing a stun across the entire team. Being 2 members short, Alternate were forced to retreat.After gaining the map control needed, CLG headed to Baron Nashor, picking it uncontested, scorring an ace and winning game 1 in 40 minutes. The final score was 14:6 with a 10k difference in gold.



Game 2

Team Alternate: Karthus, Malphite, Anivia Twisted Fate, Ahri, Shen

Team Alternate: Alistar, Irelia, Nautilus, Orianna, Corki Ezreal, Nunu, Renekton, Maokai, Gragas

This was the more aggressive game of the two. The first blood happened at minute 7 with Nunu getting caught while warding the river, Nautilus killed him.

For the next 20 minutes, there was a lot of action going, on all lanes. With both junglers helping their respective teams by facilitating kills, and both top laners teleporting to gank. CLG always seemed to be on top, as they were slowly, but surely increasing their advantage.

Team Alternate were still into the game, as they also were scoring kills after successful ganks, but the tides were quickly turned. After a big teamfight in the mid lane, Gragas managed to score a quaddra kill.

From that point on, CLG were looking forward to win the game, which they did after another Ace in their favour, with Gragas once again being the main source of damage. After another perfectly executed teamfight, where Froggen and Wickd were shining above the rest, Counter Logic sealed the deal, winning the series 2:0 and advancing to meet SK-Gaming in the semi-finals





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