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GSL4 Qualifier Information

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Aug 18, 2012 12:07

ImageOn thursday 16th, GOMTv posted on their homepage the details of 2012 GSL Season 4 Code A offline qualifier. According to the announcement, KeSPA players will be able to participate in the Code A qualifier by submitting the player roster, just like any other team.

Since the beginning of GSL, there was no particular requirement for participating in the tournament, so it did not stop KeSPA affiliated players from joining the league. However, due to conflicts within the eSports industry such as the boycott of GomTV Classic League and the disputes over the intellectual property made their likelihood of participation very uncertain.

The shift in this uncertainty happened from the "Starcraft 2 eSports Vision Press Conference" on May 2 2012. Four organizations - Blizzard, GomTV, OGN, and KeSPA – had got together and made agreements on various topics, and started OSL Starcraft 2 League, WCS South Korea Nationals, and WCG Korea with separate qualifiers for GSL and KeSPA players.
Image courtesy of d-esports

However the announcement does not mean that KeSPA will indeed attend Code A qualifier, considering what has been promised in eSports Vision Press Conference as well as the previous participations in other tournaments, the possibility of boycotting GSL seems unlikely.

If KeSPA players decided to reject participation of GSL, no merits can be given for such an action when compared to the participations in other tournaments (OSL, WCS, and WCG), and it will only cause another feuds as it will be a repeat of GSL Classic boycott. Additionally, the better than expected performances from KeSPA players in the ongoing WCS South Korea Nationals also strengthens the possible GSL participation.

As KeSPA players will be able to participate even GSL Code A qualifier, the Starcraft 2 eSports scene will be an era for the survival of the fittest and never-ending competition.

Meanwhile, GOMTV is also actively considering a possibility of giving out seeds to KeSPA players for 2012 GSL Season 4. GOMTV currently provides seeds for Code S, Up and Down, and Code A.

Source: ThisIsGame



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