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NASL Season 4: Protoss Preview

By Sebastian 'EggY' Swierad
Aug 26, 2012 17:46

ImageNASL Season 4 is just around the corner. The best players from Season 3 return for another shot at the title. Are you ready for the competition? Today we'll preview the Protoss players!

It seems like just yesterday that Stephano breezed through the NASL 3 Finals in Toronto, Canada, so if you have had NASL withdrawal have no fear NASL season 4 is here!

The new season will resume September 12th in just under a month with new and old faces. Over the next 3 weeks we will going over the players that are playing in the NASL season to their respective races.

While we do not know the exact roster of the league since the qualifiers are running throughout August we still have a big player base to look at. Currently there are 12 Protoss players, 13 Terran players and 13 Zerg players that have been seeded from Season 3.

The remaining 8 spots are given through Qualifiers and invitations to the league. We will spotlight those players when they are announced. This week we will look at the returning Protoss heroes, let take a look at our first player.


KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang: 

Win Rates: 58% v Terran - 60% v Zerg - 64% v Protoss

This man needs no introduction. The bosstoss, President Toss, the man with the zealot fist is just few of many nicknames for this two time GSL champion and who recently finished 2nd in his last GSL appearance. Him and Alicia are definitely the two scary Protoss players that are competing in NASL season 4 just due to their recent tournament sucess. The Bosstoss placed 3rd place in NASL Season 3 while it may not have been his best finish he is the most consistent player in all of NASL history. You will be sure to see him in the Top16 at the end of season. 

CA Chris 'HuK' Loranger:

Win Rates: 60% v Terran - 57% v Z - 61% v Protoss

The Canadian Hero, ex-Code S player, one of the most successful foreign Protoss of all time. Even though he has been in a recent downfall of tournament results their is no doubt in my mind that I have a "HuK comeback' feeling in my heart. Even when HuK is in a "slump" he is still one of the most consistent and feared players out there. If HuK can over come whatever it is he is dealing with, he will grab himself a spot in the finals.

KR Kim 'Puzzle' Sang Jun:

Win Rates: 56% v Terran - 65% v Zerg - 68% v Protoss

Puzzle is one of the better Korean Protoss out there, but he doesn't have many live results other than winning Code A, a few couple months ago. He is a beast of the player of the online tournaments though, you will always find him smoking through those tournaments picking up easy wins. Puzzle placed top of his division last season and finished top 8 at NASL finals after losing to Liquid.Ret 3-1. Hopefully we will see another stellar performance from this Korean pro and maybe he will pick him self a top 3 prize while doing it.


KR Yang 'Alicia' Joon Sik:  

Win Rates: 66% v Terran - 57% v Zerg - 70% v Protoss

The runner up to NASL Season 3. Even though he lost 4-0 in the finals to Champion Stephano he showed some great games throughout the season and at the finals. The ex-Code S player is a force to be reckoned with especially after NASL season 3 he placed 2nd place at the MLG Summer Arena. Is he the next YellOw of Starcraft 2 with his 2nd place finishes or will he finally break the curse this season and take home the gold. 

CA Payam 'TT1' Toghyan:

Win Rates: 50% v Terran - 52% v Zerg - 57% v Protoss

A player that has been there since the beta but hasn't had much showing in the 2012 year. TT1 placed 4th in his division with a decent 5-3 record going 10-10 on maps. Even though he did make top cut he lost in the round of 16 to SlayerS.Puzzle 3-0. Depending how hard he trains and what his group looks like we could see TT1 slip through the crack and hit top 16 once again. He is definitely on the list to players to watch out for, on his good days he is an amazing player, but on his bad days he can lose some easy games.

DE Dennis 'HasuObs' Schneider:

Win Rates: 56% v Terran - 55% v Zerg - 51% v Protoss

The always surprising, yet consistent HasuObs. Whenever you feel like he has dropped off the radar you turn your head and boom there he is again. HasuObs placed 4th in his division with a acceptable record of 5-3 going 12-10 on maps. But recently he has been on a rampage winning online tournaments, Qualifying to the TSL 4 and getting to the round of 16 beat ThorZaIN 3-0 before losing to ST.Hack 3-1. He is definitely a top European Protoss and someone that should no be underestimated. If he continues to play like he has I would not be surprised to see him come out of his group this season.


KR Song Hyun 'HerO' Deok:

Win Rates: 63% v Terran - 66% v Zerg - 64% v Protoss

Some would say he is the Protoss player fan favorite coming in from Team Liquid. HerO is consistent in his play but he also a very emotional player. He does not take losing easily, nor should any competitive player, but it is known that he is a little bit of a nervous player. Even though he is a nervous player he has some of the best innovative builds and warp prism play out of all Protoss players. If he can keep his emotions calm this season there is no reason why we should not see HerO take a top 16 position again in NASL Season 4 with his amazing win rates across the board.

RO Silviu 'NightEnD' Lazar:

Win Rates: 52% v Terran - 45% v Zerg - 53% v Protoss

A good European Protoss, but not great recently. He has a big out break in 2011 qualifying for TSL 3 with his ex-teammate ThorZaIN, but since then no outrageous tournament showings. He went par last season going 4-4 going 10-8 on maps placing 5th in his division. He definitely can compete with the best since he dominates the ladder, but for some odd reason he can't show the same dominance in tournaments. Hopefully we will see some good games from him this season if he can really focus and train with his Korean teammates.

KR Hwang Seung 'HwangSin' Hyuk:

Win Rates: 54% v Terran - 62% v Zerg - 67% v Protoss

Just creeping into NASL season 4 is ladder monster Hwangsin. Finishing season 3 with a 3-5 record there is room for improvement for our Korean player. Even though he shows good results in show-matches and small online tournaments such as Playhem Dailies he was not able to show his strength last season. Having played him on ladder multiple times and watched his streams a few times I think if Hwansing put his head together for Season 4, he can make Season 5 if not qualify for the grand finals. Hopefully the online tournaments he is winning will give him a confidence boost to power through the competition.


PL Grzegorz 'MaNa' Komincz: 

Win Rates: 62% v Terran - 50% v Zerg - 57% v Protoss

What is with Mouz and their never ending line of good, but underrated Protoss players. Hailing from Poland MaNa has been showing some good tournament results lately. He has won the Dreamhack Summer, Qualified for TSL 4 by winning a TSL qualifier. Even though he ended with a 5-3 record at the end of NASL season 3 by the way he has been playing he should be a serious contender to take the top spots of his division no matter who is in it. 

KR Kim Kyung 'duckdeok' Deo:

Win Rates: N/A

Not much is known about finale other than that he is a really young Protoss Korean player. He is 17 years old and plays for the famous Korean Proteam MVP. He definitely is an up and comer Korean Protoss. Only time will tell what he has to offer, could he be the dark knight of Season 4 we will have to see!

My top 4 choices for Protoss players to make it through the Top 16 cut is: MC, Alicia, HerO, and MaNa. All of these players have show cased good tournament performance in the last few months meaning they are on top of the current meta-game, but I hope to see some upsets and see some struggling pro's make a name for themselves again.

Next weeks article we will cover the Zerg players in NASL. Stayed tuned at for all information relating to NASL.



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