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GamesCom 2012: M5 vs EloHell

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Aug 16, 2012 18:59

ImageGamesCom kicked off earlier with an interesting series between Curse.EU and Fnatic. Now it's time to see what happens in the last 'best-of-three' of the day between Moscow Five and EloHell!

Day 1's second match-up will be M5, arguably one of the strongest teams at the moment, versus EloHell, a pretty new team. Shushei, EloHell's mid players knows what it feels like to win a championship Season, as he was able to claim the Season 1 title under fnatic. Will he be able to lead his newly formed team to victory against one of the most frightening teams in the lol scene?

RU Moscow Five vs PL EloHell

Game 1


M5: Yorick, Sona, Gragas, Lee Sin and Corki
EloHell: Ezreal, Nunu, Evelynn, Nautilus and Leona


M5: Alistar, Maokai and Nocturne
EloHell: Vladimir, Orianna and Shen

The game starts very passively with both of the teams helping their junglers and getting back in their lanes. Diamondprox drawns first blood due to a counter-gank on bot lane, where he picks up 2 kills overall.

The first dragon gets slain by M5 at 9:24 following up with diamondprox' picking up Shushei near bot lane, setting the gold gap even higher than it already was. As the timer hits 13 minutes the game is already 8-1 on favor of M5. Another uncontested dragon is picked up by M5 as well at 15:40.

Eventually M5 manages to take down the first baron of the game at 20 minute mark followed by a huge team fight in EloHell's base. M5 manages to pick up 3 kills and push down the nexus with an ease. M5 picks up their first game of this best of three series with a convincing score of 21-1.

Winner: Moscow Five

In case you missed it, click here for a vod.


Game 2


M5: Yorick, Gragas, Shyvana, Nunu and Jayce
EloHell: Udyr, Graves, Taric, Kassadin and Jax


M5: Alistar, Maokai and Nocturne
EloHell: Vladimir, Lee Sin and Shen

The game starts once again very passively with both of the teams defending their jungles. First blood goes to EloHell at 3:30 on Nunu.

10 minutes in and EloHell leading with a score of 4-1, but M5 are last hitting so well that they are only less than 1k gold behind.

The first dragon is picked up by M5 at 12:54 with no competition at all. However Elohell picks up the second, which started a teamfight: 4-1 exchange on favor of M5, equalizing the teams in terms of gold.

Gosu Pepper gets mid and gets killed instantly. As a result EloHell goes for Nashor at 21:38. They are able to get it without any problems and get another easy kill on M5's overextending Yorick. With the help of Nashor's buff EloHell is able to roam around the map picking up a couple of towers with an ease. The third dragon goes for M5 at 26:20.

The second baron of the game is taken down by M5 at 29:43. Strengthened by Nashor they pick up their first inhibitor on top lane followed up by the the mid lane inhibitor. M5 is able to seal the deal with a final nexus-push at 37:11, which means that they are the winners of the best of three series dropping EloHell out of the tournament.

Winner: Moscow Five

In case you missed it, click here for a vod.




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