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GamesCom: PC Games MOBA interviews Morello

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Aug 16, 2012 11:32

ImageOliver Haake, the chief editor of PC Games MOBA sat down with Morello, the lead champion designer of Riot Games. They talked about a lot of different topics including Season 3 World Championship series, the two newest champions and much more.

Riot is known for its constant interaction with the community and Morello is no exception. He is using the forums in a regular basis but his fluency in interviews makes him a great person to talk about Riot's only product, League of Legends.

Oliver Haake, the chief editor of PC Games MOBA interviewed him and he analyzed lots of interesting things like Season World Championship series, Syndra and Rengar and if Riot likes the policy that Dota 2 and HoN followed with making all the champions free to play.

When Morello was questioned about Season 3 he said that Riot will create the Championship Series for the proffesional teams but amateur teams that perform well can jump in by playing in a circuit called Challenger Circuit which, as Morello said, works like NCAA in American sports but he didn't wanna reveal anymore details cause they are not known yet. He also stated that the prize pool of Season 3 will be bigger than Season 2's not only in prize money but also in player's salaries and hosting these regural events.

In the discussion about Syndra he said the she will have some abilities that we've never seen before in LoL like moving minions and jungle monsters except Nashor and dragon. These new abilities trigger some new and fun strategies in stealing buffs and making your lane opponent's job pretty difficult.

You can check the video by clicking here and the written form of the interview in



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