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IEM VII: MC Day 1 Coverage

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Aug 15, 2012 16:40

ImageMC will be competing in the open bracket for his slot in the group stages of IEM Season VII. He faces tough opposition but here on SK we'll have full coverage of his run as the day goes on. Read on for regular updates!

IEM Global Challenge returns with its seventh season, the season opens off in Cologne, Germany, at the Gamescom convention. The defending season six champion MC is back, and he brought this time some of his GSL champion friends like MVP and Nestea.

MC is clearly one of the best player in the player pool at IEM Cologne, even though he recently was defeated by the hands of TaeJa at ROG 2012 and Seed in the GSL. Even though MC’s open bracket group is filled with other good contenders, it's hard to imagine that he'll fail to progress but here on we'll follow him throughout the open bracket!

Bracket 4 - Winner's Round 2 - No Live Stream Available

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 2 - 0 ES Pedro 'LucifroN' Moreno Durán

Game 1 - Winner: MC
Game 2 - Winner: MC

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang Moves onto winner's round 4!

Bracket 4 - Winner's Round 4 - Live Stream

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 2 - 1 KR Ji Soo 'ForGG' Park

Game 1 Ohana - Winner: MC
Game 2 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: forGG
Game 3 Metropolis - Winner: MC

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang advances to the group stage.

Series recap:
The first map to kick off the series between the two players is Ohana, both of them went for ast expand builds. Both of them were rather passive at the start and rarely even scouting each other, around the ten minute mark forGG decided to go for the two Medivac timing attack and it was easily pushed by MC’s force fields and blink stalkers. After that attack, MC waited for his second Colossus to come and went for the death push, with great force field placements MC trapped a good amount of the Terran army and took a 1:0 lead in the series.

The map for game number two is Cloud Kingdom. As the game started, MC scouted ForGG and decided to go for a one base Stargate play based on what he saw. While forGG opted to go for a hellion drop and expand behind it. When the actual drop occurred and did not managed to catch the medivac with the phoenixes and the hellions killed over twenty probes. The slip up caused way too much damage to MC and he found himself so far behind. Once he saw the expansion from ForGG he accepted defeat and left the game bringing it to a 1:1 score.

Metropolis was the map for the third and final game, ForGG again decided to go for the same strategy, hellion drop, but this time on a proxy location but it was scouted by MC’s probe. After seeing what was coming the Korean Protoss player went for a fast 3 gate and countered the play of forGG and winning the series and securing his position in day 2 of Gamescom!
Recap provided by: MMDollar

Information will be updated as the day continues! Game recaps will be provided if the match is streamed. Check back frequently to have the latest news on KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang.



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