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Road to Gamescom: Lauri "Cyanide" Happonen

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Aug 13, 2012 22:41

ImageGamescom is just around the corner and every team is practicing as hard as they can for the tough competition that awaits them there. Some of the best European players still had the time to answer a couple of questions though - exclusively for SK!

EU Fnatic are the reigning champions from Season 1 and one of the oldest European teams in the scene - even after times of turmoil and bad performances, the core of the initial team still stays strong. Their recently appointed team captain FI Lauri 'Cyanide' Happonen was kind enough to agree to answer a few questions regarding their preparation for the Regional Qualifiers at Gamescom.

Hello, Cyanide! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

"Hello, I’m Lauri Happonen aka “Cyanide”, I’m 17 and I play for team Fnatic as their jungler for over a year now."

We are one week away from the most important European tournament - the Regional qualifiers for the Season 2 Championship. What did your preparation look like? Are you satisfied with it or think you should have done more?

"We have been practicing, but of course I feel there is more we could’ve done. I think we stand a fair chance to qualify for the LA finals though."

The bracket for the tournament were more or less known after the Warsaw tournament ended. Did the fact that you know your first opponent and the possible next ones way earlier than in other tournaments help you in figuring out your strategies?

"Perhaps, I obviously can’t provide any exact info here, but we have some strategies lined up."

What do you think of the format of the tournament? Is single elimination good enough for such an important tournament that decides who gets to attend the Championship?

"Definitely not, I’m quite disappointed with the format. Double elimination would guarantee the best teams making it."

What are your expectations going into the tournament? Do you think you can get a top three spot?

"We can if we play solid games, but single elimination is so random that we might end up losing to a team worse than us, or if we get lucky winning against a team better than us."

Do you have any predictions for the teams that are going to take the top 3 places?

", M5, Fnatic. But like I said, ANYTHING could happen in this format."

Is there any additional pressure or higher motivation in your team seeing how you are the reigning Season One champions and you need to succeed at Gamescom in order to have a shot at defending your title?

"I don’t think we have any additional pressure, we know this will be a whole different situation than the S01 championship, everybody has come a huge way. Higher motivation… Well I can’t talk for the others but I’m pumped!"

Riot just announced their plans for Season 3. What is your and the team’s opinion of them? Will Fnatic be able to participate considering the fact that some of you are still studying?

"We’ll make it, I will be done with high school soon and if necessary I can take a gap year or something, especially if we will move into a house eventually I could study a language abroad. Again, though, I can’t talk for everybody."

Recently there’s been a change in Fnatic - Pheilox left and nRated stepped in. I know you as a jungler don’t interact that much in game with the support player, but what do you think of that change? Is the team better now? Did you have enough time to build the needed synergy before the tournament?

"There is still room for improvement, but I think we are doing well. I enjoy playing with nRated as he is very aggressive and constantly making plays."

I’m sure you won’t share any details but have you come up with any special strategies, teamcomps or must picks/bans depending on the specific patch which is going to be used at Gamescom?


Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions! Do you have any shoutouts – to the fans, the sponsors or somebody else?

"Shoutout to all our fans for sticking with us through thick and thin, also a special thank you for Fnatic and our sponsors, Raidcall, MSI, Steelseries and Eizo!"



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