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Road to Gamescom: Łukasz 'Puki Style' Zygmunciak

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Aug 13, 2012 20:12

ImageGamescom is approaching and the eight teams that will attend the event are practicing as hard as it gets to get the ticket to Season 2 finals. Here in SK, we want to have you prepared for the big event by interviewing some of the greatest players in the scene at the moment!

PLTeam Acer pl has come together only recently and are already making a big splash in the competitive scene. With some well-established teams present in Europe, Team Acer.PL will have to work hard in order to secure a spot at the Season 2 finals.

Hello, Puki style! Thank you for taking time to answer a few questions. Your team as a whole is relatively new, how do you feel your team synergy is coming along?

"I think our synergy is very good, three of us played DotA together and we know each other very well."

What do you feel is one strength and one weakness of this new line-up?

"We try to not focus on our weakness and use our strength versus opponents. We really like skirmish style like we done vs Meet Your Makers at ECC Warsaw. "

ECC Poland happened recently, how do you feel about your performance?

"We were a bit disappointed about our perfomance, we thought we can make it thru the groupstage, SK Gaming did really great, we didn't expect them playing so well."


Who do you feel is your biggest rival going in to the Regional qualifiers?

"Our main goal is to qualify for World Championship, the hardest game will be vs SK in the first round. I think if we win we will have less pressure on us. We are skilled enough to beat (ex-AL was really near at DH 2012 groupstage) / Curse / Fnatic, they are just more experienced. "

The bracket for the tournament was more or less known after the Warsaw tournament ended. Did the fact that you know your first opponent and the possible next ones way earlier than in other tournaments helped you in figuring out your strategies?

"SK, Curse and Fnatic is on the same level, we knew that we will be 6th or better at Circuit point ranking so we really didn't focus on it."

What do you think of the format of the tournament? Is single elimination good enough for such an important tournament that decides who gets to attend the Championship?

"Winners take all, it's fair. But sad thing is that there will be only 2 games per day. They could make loser bracket and it wouldn't be a big deal for them."

What are your expectations going into the tournament? Do you think you can get one of the three spots for the Championship?

"As i said before it's our goal, anything less that will be disappointed for us."


Do you have any predictions for the teams that are going to take the top 3 places?

"Would like to see, M5, :)"

Anything else you want to say?

"I want to say thanks to Team Acer, Adidas, Bigfoot Networks, Nvidia, 4NetPlayers and Roccat for their support. We want also to say thanks to our fans! Wish us luck.
Thanks for your time and good luck!"

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