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compLexity wins The Defense #2

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Aug 13, 2012 04:11

ImageThe North American team of compLexity Gaming once more vindicates its position as one of the premier Western teams by defeating Mousesports to become the new reigning champions of The Defense.

After what has amounted to two-month online tournament that once again drew considerable attention, The Defense #2 has concluded with US compLexity Gaming emerging as the victors. Ending with a silver medal is EU mousesports , who scraped across several world-class squads to find themselves in the grand finals immediately after. Claiming the third and final prize is SE Counter Logic Gaming - a team that has come to be largely composed of former US Evil Geniuses players. With this turn of events, UA Natus Vincere has been retired from their throne and coL are the reigning champions.

The two finalists of this tournament experienced very different roads to the grand finals, while both showcasing the tenacity to exceed their previous expectations. Mousesports experienced a rocky start when they began the group stage against UA Darer Entertainment , who handily defeated the international composite roster, putting them at an early disadvantage. The following four matches, however, mouz showcased their continuous improvement in the game by defeating the rest of their opponents in the group stage. Their tie for fourth place in the group put them at the top of the upper bracket, where they experienced early success by defeating RU Moscow Five . Mousesports, however, was knocked into the lower bracket by CLG, putting them against US POTM bottom , who were as intimidating as ever following their victory against Na'Vi. Nevertheless, mouz managed to scrape past POTM and soon after, defeated EG, as well. The final obstacle to the grand final would be CLG, who were handily defeated in a revenge match to mouz's liking.

On the other end of the spectrum was compLexity Gaming, who thoroughly ravaged the group stage with a 5-0 standing, putting them ahead of all other teams, save US Quantic Gaming . Starting off against Darer, coL experienced a close first match in the upper bracket, which advanced them to an intense showdown against their fellow American rivals from Quantic. After besting them, coL moved on against CLG and after yet another close match, sent them to be the victim of mouz's revenge in the loser bracket.

The Defense #2 Final Standings
1. US compLexity Gaming - €6,000
2. EU mousesports - €2,500
3. SE Counter Logic Gaming - €1,500

With this victory, compLexity Gaming finds themselves with yet another reward for their rising prominence, with them having defeated EG in ECAL: America for $2,000. The American all-stars will face many of their opponents from The Defense #2 at The International 2012 for the grand prize to end all grand prizes in esports: one million dollars. There still remains the possibility that Mousesports will have their chance for revenge, however, as they will be traveling to Seattle, in the likelihood that a team will be unable to attend.

Source: joinDOTA



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