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TSL 4 - Ro16 Day 2 Coverage

By Mat 'Clamev' L
Aug 12, 2012 20:04

ImageTSL 4 has by far been one of the most anticipated online tournaments the StarCraft 2 world has seen so far. The prestigious 32 player tournament is featuring players from all over the world! The Ro16 day 2 is here. Inside you'll find the latest coverage of the event!

The Team Liquid Starleague has become one of the biggest events of the year. TSL is known for changing the lives of many young pro gamers looking to make a name for themselves. This TSL will be no different in fact with the upcoming launch of HOTS this might be the tournament for someone to build their career.

Day 2 of the round of 16 is here. We have 8 players going head to head to earn their spot in the round of 8. The beauty of the round of 16 is, anyone can take it from here. Tonight will feature some of the best Koreans and Europeans fighting for their spot in history. We'll be covering all the action from tonight make sure to check back for the latest updates!

Image courtesy of TeamLiquid

Live Stream

KR Kim "Hack" Young Il 3 - 1 DE Dennis 'HasuObs' Schneider

Game 1 Metropolis - Winner: HasuObs
Game 2 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: Hack
Game 3 Ohana - Winner: Hack
Game 4 Entombed Valley - Winner: Hack

Series recap:
Metropolis is one of the bigger maps in the mappool but game one did not last very long. While HasuObs went for a one gate expansion the Korean went for a three barracks opening to put some pressure on his opponent. With some marines out on the map Hack decided to push at the expansion from HasuObs. The Korean Terran got some kills and managed to get the bunker up but HasuObs could hold and finally crush the attempt from Hack. It was not a complete all-in and Hack tried to establish an expansion himself. HasuObs pushed a bit at the front of Hack's expansion and managed to force a lift from Hack. Therefore everything came out a bit delayed for him. While one drop from Hack did some damage other drops were prevented and no significant damage could be dealt by the Korean Terran. The German Protoss started to get quite some tech going, going for rather fast colossus tech so that he could go for a timing attack himself. Around the 17 minute mark Hack tried to drop in the main from HasuObs and attack at the natural expansion at the same time but the German Protoss was ready for it, defending pretty easily. With some nice forcefields and the range upgrade for the colossus HasuObs could crush Hack and take the first game of the series.

Hack didn't give up though as the second map was Cloud Kingdom and that map offers some nice possibilities for numerous builds. While the Korean Terran was going for a proxy factory and a proxy starport, the German Protoss was going for the one gate expansion as in game number one. Hack tried to fake an expansion with a bunker but HasuObs scouted it and therefore was ready for the drop with three hellions, which was executed quite good by Hack. He managed to get some probe kills but had to lift the hellions and get out. The strength of Hack should pay out as he started a timing attack around the 13 minute mark. With a drop in the main base and another attack at the natural expansion Hack was able to catch HasuObs off guard. The first colossus got killed pretty fast and as the second was coming out it was not going to last long either. There were no units left to fight so HasuObs had to "gg".

The third map Ohana should be a great possibility for Hack to show some of his timing attacks. Both players went for the early expansion but HasuObs also got a great scout very early and therefore was totally aware of everything. Around the eight minute mark Hack went for a stim and +1/0 timing attack which failed as HasuObs was able to get off some great forcefields to cut off the forces. The Terran player still went for a third expansion, which HasuObs did a few minutes later as well. With a drop into the main base of HasuObs Hack could destroy some buildings and also pylons which supply blocked HasuObs quite some time. Another timing push around the 16 minute mark finished what was left of HasuObs. Again the German Protoss had to "gg" which gave Hack the 2-1 lead.

Entombed Valley did not offer a good situation for HasuObs either. As the German scouted very late on each map Hack decided to build two proxy baracks in the middle of the map. With some marines and SCVs Hack pushed into the main base from HasuObs building some bunkers and managing to get two up. With some decent micro Hack did a lot of damage, getting several probe kills so that HasuObs was forced to attack. However Hack was ready and could defend easily. With a mannered "gg" and good luck wishes for the rest of the tournament HasuObs left the game and also TSL4.

Live Stream

KR Ju "Sting" Hoon 3 - 0 DE Jonathan 'DarKFoRcE' Belke

Game 1 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: Sting
Game 2 Daybreak - Winner: Sting
Game 3 Entombed Valley - Winner: Sting

Series recap:
The second Germany vs Korea match of the day started on Cloud Kingdom. Sting sets the tone of the series by proxying his first depot and Barracks inside Darforce main, leaving a little pocket for his marines. Darkforce, went for a standard hatch first build, he was able to scout it in time to kill the scv building a bunker, but he wasn't able to avoid losing a few drones and a queen before cleaning it up. Sting then took his natural in the mean time. Sting is able kill Darforce late third almost uncontested with marine heavy push.
Darkforce expands to another location, but his mutalisk transition turns out to not be very effective against Stings very marine heavy composition. After getting some map control Darkforce is able to establish a third and fourth while Sting takes an easy third. Sting continues to pressure the already struggling economy of Darkforce. Stings advantage snowballs and as Darkforce loses a lot of infestors due to poor control Sting is able to push and win game 1.

Game two kicked off with Darkforce displaying confidence as he takes a really early third against Stings fast expand build. After scouting Stings early third CC and double engineering bay he responds with double evolution chamber himself. Stings trades his map control in form of helions against quite a few drones of Darkforce, after which Darforce takes a fourth and Sting takes his third. Darkforce, being on a low zergling count, gets caught off guard by a double medivac drop and loses his Lair. Sting once again continues to pile on the pressure with many drops and pushes and although Darkforce deals with them adequately, his macro suffers quiet a bit. As Sting takes his fourth and pushes, Darkforce once against miss controls and loses a lot of infestors for free and Sting is able to abuse this taking out his fourth and dropping his third. Darkforce taps out giving Sting a 2:0 lead in the series.

The third game starts out with the players spawning cross position on Entombed Valley. Darkforce seems to missread Sting completely, making 8 lings very early on, which end up doing nothing against Stings solid 1rax expand. Darkforce follows this up with a quick 2 Base Lair strategy, trying to go for mutalisk once again. Sting however, goes for a 3 factory helion opening with +1 and is able to hit the perfect timing. He splits his helions nicely against Darkforce few banelings and is able to kill every single drone as the mutalisks are too late to save Darkforce, giving Sting a quick 3:0 win over Darkforce.

Live Stream

KR Hyun-Woo 'Creator' Jang 3 - 0 KR Jong Hwan 'CoCa' Choi

Game 1 Entombed Valley - Winner: Creator
Game 2 Metropolis - Winner: Creator
Game 3 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: Creator

Series recap:
The first match series with Koreans only in the Round of 16 started on Metropolis. Creator and CoCa, two well known players, were going for a delayed early and mid game as both managed to delay each others expansion for quite some time, CoCa even building a proxy hatchery. While Creator only took one expansion, CoCa went for two hatcheries as soon as possible. The stargate follow-up from the Korean Protoss turned out to be very effective as he was able to harrass a lot and get a lot of drone kills. Beside that harassment nothing much has been going on as both players were opting to max out. Creator made a good plan as he forced out hydraliks from CoCa which are countered by colossus and Creator was just going for that tech. With +3 attack upgrade finished Creator went to the fourth base of CoCa, getting a lot of blink stalkers and colossi to kill the first hatchery. Some nice stalker splitting assured that the fungals from CoCa where nowhere near being affective. Only 18 minutes had been played but Creator crushed his opponent already.

With the standard PvZ opening, a forge fast expand from Creator and the double hatcheries from CoCa, Metropolis turned out to be another map for Creator to go for the stargate tech again. With a voidray and some phoenixes he got some overlord kills which resulted in a supply block for CoCa. Seven more gates came out of Creator who also faked a third expansion but canceled it at the latest point possible as he decided to push out again with the +3 attack upgrade. Around the eleven minute mark the Protoss pushed out with a lot of stalkers and also voidrays in his army. However CoCa did not even have a chance to defend and he was crushed once again.

Not a lot had changed in the begining of the third map Cloud Kingom as both players openend the same way as they did on Metropolis. Creator went for a stargate follow-up for the third time in a row trying to deny creep as much as possible. Once he went for some harrassment he found the one place that was not safe and got a lot of drone kills. CoCa tried to take a fourth hatchery to max out as soon as possible. Creator went for a third expansion as well, while maxing up to 200 supply as soon as possible. With ten gates, colossus tech and +3 attack upgrade Creator was maxed around the 15 minute mark and moved out. At the fourth hatchery there were a few spinecrawlers and some zerg units but Creator had no problem to crush the army and kill the fourth hatchery. The game was basically over there and with massive blink stalkers Creator cleared up what was left from CoCa who had to "gg" three times in a row.

Live Stream

KR Young Seo 'TaeJa' Yoon 2 - 3 KR Kang "First" Hyun Woo

Game 1 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: TaeJa
Game 2 Entombed Valley - Winner: First
Game 3 Ohana - Winner: First
Game 4 Metropolis - Winner: TaeJa
Game 5 Daybreak - Winner: First

Series recap:
The series everyone has been waiting for Taeja vs First starts on Cloud Kingdom. First showed a healthy amount of respect by going 1gate into robotics and even getting an immortal before expanding at all. Taeja meanwhile got a more safe but delayed natural expansion as well. Going into the midgame Taeja was able to do economic damage with drops and secure a significant upgrade advantage. First got caught out of position and Taeja was able to trade his bio force for First's natural and quite a few collosus, First responds by counter attacking but gets shut down completely and with a reset collosus count and Taeja already getting a fourth he is forced to gg.

Game two started on Entombed Valley, cross position. Taeja opened with a 1 rax reaper expand, but was unable to do any damage against Firsts 1gate nexus build. First then proceeded to go for double forge while Taeja stayed on 1 engineering bay, giving First the upgrade advantage into the midgame. Even though Taeja got a much earlier third, he is unable to capitalize on his advantage, as First shut down every drop attempt. This meant that this game almost completely skipped the midgame. After both players were maxed out with every tech available to their race, the big fight happened and First got the better end of it, with better control and positioning. After winning this huge engagement First is able to take out Taejas fourth and third, occupying Taeja's small army with warp prism zealot warp in in his main.

First continued to play standard opening with an early expand in game 3 followed by a quick robo. Taeja though went for typical 1/1/1 all in. Unfortunately for him, his banshees were unable to do any significant damage and First early robo allowed him to get out collous really early to counter Taejas marine heavy push with tank support. After successfully defending against the Banshees, First was able to crush Taejas all in quite easily taking the lead in the series.

The next game started out on Metropolis and with the cross spawn it seemed a good opportunity for First to show his strong defensive macro play and late game control. But once again Taeja disrupted his plan. While both players went for double upgrades, it was Taeja who took the initiative by going cloaked banshee and forcing First into a defensive position. Taeja kept on the pressure with an unusual Marine Banshee Raven push and was able to successfully deny First third expansion, while taking his own third. Taeja continued dropping relentlessly and was able to take out Firsts main Nexus right before sacrificing a small amount of units to also kill Firsts third Base Nexus. With only one mining Base First decides to push with his stalker, sentry, collosus army. He was able to force-field Taejas whole army into his main while killing the natural and clearing the third of svcs with zealots. Taeja though was able to kill First's army and also decided to counter attack but pulls every scv he has left with him. First was unable to kill this huge terran army and was forced to gg, tying up the series 2:2

The last game began with both players opening with a very standard and safe expansion. First decided to go for his early robo after the expansion, while Taeja went heavy tech, investing into double engineering bay and a factory before going up to 3 Barracks even. Firsts Observer spotted this immediately and instead of adding two forges, he added 3 more gates and went for a 2 Base collosus all in. First was able to hit the perfect timing, catching taeja without bunkers and was able to make the upset happen by taking the series and knocking Taeja out 3:2.



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