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FeaR Roster Change

By Malte 'Gravi7y' Gustafson
Aug 11, 2012 21:54

ImageOnly a few days later, after the EGL 7 has taken place, the first team had already changed their roster. We're talking about none other than FeaR, which is one of the two US teams which had attended this big event.

Team FeaR finished this big tournament with a solid 4th place, but logically it was a poor placement for the US team, after they had predicted them to place at the top.

After this disappointed result team FeaR announced a line-up change. FeaR John is the player who left the roster and for him joined former nV member Aaron 'TuQuick' Chang.

Already next week another LAN event will be held. The hoster for this event is UMG and this will take place in Chicago. Team FeaR will compete there with their new line-up so keep your eyes open to see how well they will do.

Kurtis 'Apoc' Stocks, Team FeaRs manager, about the line-up change:

"I would like to welcome Aaron to the team for John, I would like to wish John all the best for the future he is a very talented player however the team felt like a change was needed due to maturity reasons. The placing at EGL was a disappointing one for all of us however we felt like the problem we had with John is a problem that will fix itself as he gets older. Regardless the team will be at UMG Chicago next weekend that we hope to take home."

Team FeaR:

US Ricky 'Ricky' Stacy
US Adam 'Killa' Sloss
US Aaron 'TuQuick' Chang
US Phillip 'Phiizzurp' Klemonov

Source: Decerto



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