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TSL 4 - Ro16 Day 1 Preview

By Robert 'InzTTP' Wylie
Aug 11, 2012 18:10

ImageTSL 4 has by far been one of the most anticipated online tournaments the StarCraft 2 world has seen so far. The prestigious 32 player tournament is featuring players from all over the world! Day 1 of the round of 16 is about to get under way - let's preview the action ahead of us!

The Team Liquid Starleague has become one of the biggest events of the year. TSL is known for changing the lives of many young pro gamers looking to make a name for themselves. This TSL will be no different in fact with the upcoming launch of HOTS this might be the tournament for someone to build their career.

Day 1 of the round of 16 is here. We have 8 players going head to head to earn their spot in the round of 8. The beauty of the round of 16 is, anyone can take it from here. Tonight will be a step up from everything we've seen so far. Let's not waste any time and get right into the preview!

Image courtesy of TeamLiquid

We start off the night with a very interesting match. Both players are the direct opposite of each other. Kas being the strong macro Terran and Life being his usual quirky self.

The round of 32 was tough for Life, his games against Elfi really pushed him to his limit. What the games highlighted more in my opinion was Life's clutch decision making and ability to make any situation favourable for him. He will need that tonight more than anything because it will be a battle of decision making more than anything.

Kas on the other hand breezed his round of 32. Unlike his opponent he had a golden opportunity. It's not very often in the TSL you get matched up verse a player you know the in's and out's of but for Kas that's exactly what happened. However tonight he faces a different type of player than he's used too. For any other player this might be a huge hill to climb but for Kas he's ready. The ladder monster is used to having all sorts of crazy shennanigans thrown at him.

This will either be one of the most entertaining TvZ matches or one of the most anti climatic series of the TSL. It's difficult to call what's going to happen but I feel Kas will have the upper hand tonight.

Prediction: Kas 3 - 1 Life

The second match the night will feature two of the tip top Korean players. Both Squirtle and Curious are up there with the very best. Both players are regulars in the GSL Code S, expect a very high level match from these two.

In Squirtle's opening match in TSL I predicted Ret to defeat him, however I was so wrong. The series was close but I felt silly not picking Squirtle. This guy possesses some of the best decision making I've ever seen. The GSL runner up is up there with some of the best Protoss players in the world and tonight he faces another top player.

Curious had a relatively easy first round, going up against LaLush. A lot of people under estimate Curious but he's currently sitting as the #1 Zerg in the TLPD Korean ELO rankings. Curious isn't a tricky player or full of gimmicks. His main strength is his ability to execute to perfection. Zerg Vs Protoss is all about the execution and when it comes to a series as high level as this it will be the deciding factor for sure.

This match up could be a GSL final or the TSL final, either way it's happening tonight and it will be one of the most difficult series to call as it can go both ways.

Prediction: Squirtle 3 - 2 Curious

Both of these players showed exceptional skill in their first round matches, Keen breezed past Welmu, a lot of people expected it to be more of a challenge for him but the games were incredibly one sided. VortiX had a little bit of a tougher time but just like Keen he marched straight into the round of 16.

VortiX is a player who is starting to make a name for himself, in the round of 32 his opponent BabyKnight was already pretty well known to the world, VortiX played extremely well and got himself a 3:1 victory. This tournament is all about players making a break out and tonight Stage two of VortiX master plan to be known will be in full swing. He has a shot tonight but it will be a massive challenge for him.

Keen said in his round of 32 winners interview that it doesn't matter who he meets here, he's confident. The Terran Vs Zerg match up has had a lot of controversy surrounding it in recent weeks. But for Keen this is his comfort zone, TvZ is his best match up by far and tonight his skills will be on full display.

It'll be difficult for VortiX to handle the aggression of Keen, as long as he remains calm he has a shot at taking this series. It's the round of 16 ladies and gentlemen. Anything can happen.

Prediction: Keen 3 - 1 Vortix

MX Juan ‘Major’ Tena VS UK Paul 'JonnyREcco' Whyte

The final match tonight may not be the favourite to be the best match of the evening but it does have a very interesting story behind it.

Going into the round of 32, JonnyREcco had began to make a name for himself, regardless of his previous results no one expected him to overcome the Code S giant Naniwa. Nevertheless in amazing fashion JonnyREcco took the series 3:1 and shocked the world. His ability to keep up with whatever Naniwa threw at him was the key component to his victory. He will need all of that tonight vs Major.

Major is a player not many people know, and it's not because he changes his nickname every 3 months. He's well known throughout the professional scene to be one of the scariest and consistent players yet he has still to capture the big tournament that he's capable of winning.

This match has the potential to be good, it may not be as high level as Squirtle and Curious but it'll be a great game none the less. Don't miss this one, who ever takes it will be one step closer to making history.

Prediction: Major 3 - 2 JonnyREcco

The round of 32 was full of drama, but the round of 16 is here and it's bigger and better. Tonight you'll find yourself glued to your monitor to watch the action unfold for yourself. The games start tonight at 7pm CET over on at Team Liquid.

However if you can't watch the action tonight then don't worry, here at we will be providing live coverage of the entire night with results being updated as they happen be sure to check that out.




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