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AL introduces their new team!

By David 'darthsexy' Figueira
Aug 10, 2012 18:10

ImageIf two weren't enough, Absolute Legends known for forming young and talented teams step up the notch by creating a third competitive League of Legends team. Who are the new chosen ones? Find out inside!

This season we’ve been witnessing the rise of many teams. From Europe, North America or even Asia, the number of teams has only gone up since the very beginning of season 2.

Absolute Legends are mostly known for forming young teams and successfully launching them to the competitive arena. They decided to form their third team under the name of AL.Omega and became the first organisation in Europe to have three League of Legends teams.

With only four players announced and still pending for the announcement of the AD Carry which is playing with his old team in a last tournament before joining his new team, the team is already closed. manager, UK Adam “Blusey” Davis as well as their jungler, IL Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal left a statement after the announcement.

Statement of IL Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal
"It's so great to settle down and sign with an org like AL. After working with them in the past I knew it would be the right choice to make. My team and I are very happy to play under the AL name and hopefully make them proud with a team they deserve. I knew even before our strong showing in the 4pl monthly that we are playing at a level amongst the top teams and I'm confident that with the right attitude and practice we can get to some very high places. To the arena!"

Statement of UK Adam "Blusey" Davis - Manager of AL.Omega
"After being approached by a good friend of mine Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal he asked me if I would be interested in working along side his new team. I had previously been working along side him with several projects so I decided to agree. I met the team and all of them seemed really focused and really wanted to make their presence within the top of the scene. So from that point on I teamed up with them. After a short while we were approached by AbsoluteLegends staff who came across as very friendly and professional and from there made us an offer we felt we couldn't refuse. We look forwards to playing under the name of AbsoluteLegends and bringing in good results to our new home."

EU AL.Omega Line-up
IL Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal - Jungle
DE Fabio "I MY ME MINE" Carrozzo - AP Mid
DE Peter "Pfote" Gaida - Solo Top
DE Steffen "faamy" Hentschel - Support

Source: Absolute Legends



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