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MC at WCS: Korea

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Aug 9, 2012 22:09

ImageThe most anticipated match of the day from the Korean Series, MC being the favoured player due to his many aggressive builds. Leenock will definitely push MC to his limits if he wants to advance.

Finally the day has come once again for MC to show his strong PvZ style versus the Korean Zerg player Leenock. MC has an outstanding 69.33% win rate over Zerg, making him one of the most scary players to face. Leenock on the other hand is not an easy target, Code S material with a 67.79% win rate versus Protoss. Who will be the one that will dominate the battle?

World Championship Series: South Korea - Winners Bracket Round 1

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 1 - 2 KR Dong-Nyung 'Leenock' Lee

Game 1 WCS Ohana LE - Winner: MC
Game 2 WCS Entombed Valley - Winner: Leenock
Game 3 WCS Cloud Kingdom - Winner: Leenock

Series recap:
The first game started on Ohana. MC decided to be a little safer than usual and opted for the forge before Nexus with 1 cannon followed by +1 ground attack, setting up for early aggression. Leenock as usual picked the three hatch opening with no gas. Around the eight minute mark MC started to push out on the map with his 8 gate warp prism push, aiming to force field the ramp on the natural expansion of Leenock, but he saw it coming and managed to defend it with minimal losswa. MC tried to pressure Leenock’s third base with another warp prism while getting a third base for himself, but it was defended again. The Korean Protoss player continued his warp prism pressure, dropping a task force of four zealots on the 4 o’clock base and then going into the main of Leenock with the warp prism forcing him out of position to secure a victory over the 4 o’clock base. With constant pressure MC did a final timing attack with 2 Collosus to finish off the game and take a 1:0 lead in the series.

The map choice was Entombed Valley for game two, MC once again opened with a Forge Fast Expand into 4 gate +1 ground attack and +1 armour with an robotics facility to secure his third base and tech to Collosus aiming for a macro oriented game. Leenock once again opened the same was as in game one, the three hatch opening with no gas. The Zerg player upon realising that MC will not attack him any time soon he went for the Spire and started to build up a good numbers Mutalisks. As we enter the late game this time Leenock turned up the aggression. A great run by from Leenock killed the third base of MC. This distraction caused MC to lose focus and lose his army in the middle of the map. This gave Leenock a significant supply lead, Leenock then made the correct decision to push forward and end the game. Taking the series to the ace match.

The final map of the series was played on Cloud Kingdom. As in game 1, and 2 MC once again decided to go with the forge before Nexus but this time he skipped getting a zealot. Leenock as well goes for the three hatch opening. After dropping his third hatch he started to make slow Zerglings and since MC skipped the zealot the zerglings ran by into his base destroying a Cannon which was the only defence MC had and took a quick game to drop MC to the lower bracket.

MC has now dropped to the losers bracket, he will face off against Hack in round 1. You'll find further updates regarding MC at WCS: South Korea here on



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