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KeSPA and eSports Federation agree on trade lock

By Ivan 'mmdollar' Batakov
Aug 8, 2012 21:41

ImageThe next fourteen months, the Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) and eSports Federation cannot transfer players to each other. This trade lock period will last until October 2013.

On Wednesday August 8th KeSPA, the governing organization over Proleague, and the eSports Federation which participate in GSTL, made an official agreement on the matter of player transfers.

"Both parties restated their goal on joint development of the e-sports scene and signed an agreement on player transfers and partnerships to protect both players and the leagues. They stated that the agreement will allow eSports Federation to acquirenew sponsors and be self-sustainable, while KeSPA players switching to StarCraft 2 can become competitive in the long run."

The agreement prohibits KeSPA teams to acquire players from eSports Federation until October 2013. The players who are affected by this agreement are 25 players per each teams roster, and the Federation will periodically report 25 players in their roster to KeSPA. As the agreement states, transfers will be possible regardless of the roster after October of next year.

Any GSL players not included in the 25-player roster from the Federation as well as players qualified in the KeSPA-hosted amateur tournament will be able to join KeSPA teams during the draft period.




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