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Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 – Quarterfinal #3

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Aug 8, 2012 18:51

ImageAfter the first two participants in the semi-finals were determined last week, the second week of the playoffs started with the third quarterfinal - a Korean only battle between old enemies Azubu Blaze and Xenics Storm.

After KR Azubu Blaze went, saw and conquered MLG Summer Arena, they came back to the OGN with even more determination. Against them was the team that placed 3rd in the first edition of the tournament - KR Xenics Blast. One of the teams had to advance to the semi-finals, while the other had to go home. Were the reigning champions from Blaze able to continue their push for a second title?

KR Azubu Blaze vs KR Xenics Storm

Game 1

Bans: Azubu Blaze: Alistar, Rumble, Karthus - Xenics Storm: Shen, Ryze, Vladimir

Picks Azubu Blaze: Janna, Sivir, Maokai, Olaf, Twisted Fate

Picks Xenics Storm: Malphite, Urgot, Leona, Skarner, Morgana

Azubu Blaze invaded Storm’s blue buff but they were waiting for them there and took 2 kills. Blaze then sent Twisted Fate in bot lane, while Sivir and Janna went in mid. Maokai ganked bot and managed to get a kill on Urgot. A little skirmish then happened in mid lane and Storm picked up 2 kills while 1 of them died. The action continued there and another fight ended with the same results, as well as the first dragon fight after which Storm picked up the dragon itself, too. Blaze’s mid turret still wasn’t down though and Storm really wanted to take it out of the game, so they tried to push it once again, which led to another team fight – Storm aced Blaze, losing 3 of their players. After that Storm knew Blaze wouldn't want to go for another head to head fight so they forced a fight for baron and won it 3-1.

Things weren't looking very good for Blaze at that point but they managed to catch Malphite out of position and this let them go for baron, but Storm tried to stop them, which unfortunately for them, went horribly wrong and Blaze picked up 3 more kills and the buff. At that point Blaze were already the stronger team even though they were still behind in kills and after Sivir finished her entire build, it was next to impossible to stop her unless she had a terrible positioning. Storm engaged on Blaze with the hope of turning the game back around but they couldn’t do it as they gave away 4 more kills, while taking only one and that was followed by their surrender vote.

Winner: Azubu Blaze
MVP: KR Ambition


Game 2

Bans: Xenics Storm: Maokai, Vladimir, Urgot - Azubu Blaze: Shen, Alistar, Rumble

Picks Xenics Storm: Twisted Fate, Singed, Blitzcrank, Shaco, LeBlanc

Picks Azubu Blaze: Nocturne, Ahri, Wukong, Graves, Morgana

Blaze invaded Storm’s blue and even though Shaco managed to smite it, he was taken by Graves for the first blood. A few minutes later 4 members of Storm went and took out the top turret, while Blitzcrank fell down in bot lane. LeBlanc managed to 1v1 Ahri in mid, but was killed by a Nocturne ult, while Blitzcrank died again at bot. That allowed Blaze to pick up the first dragon. LeBlanc then ganked bot lane behind the turret and took a double kill and then another one in mid a few minutes later.

Then Storm decided to try and take baron but Blaze spotted their attempt and immediately initiated. The first kill was from a max range dark binding from Morgana and after it Blaze took 4 more kills, getting the ace, but not before LeBlanc picked up a quadra kill - at that point she was the only one with kills on Storm and she had 9 of them. Graves was the only survivor from this fight and he managed to finish baron by himself. Even though he was the only one that got the buff, Blaze pushed for the mid inhibitor turret, initiated on Storm and after taking 3 kills and the inhibitor, they took all that was left and finished the game, winning their spot in the semifinals.

Winner: Azubu Blaze
MVP: KR Lustboy


With that match over the only quarterfinal left is between KR Azubu Frost and US Counter Logic Gaming , which will be played this Friday. Don't miss it out only on




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