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CS:GO updated

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Aug 8, 2012 10:27

ImageWith just two weeks remaining to the release, the developers of the new Valve's game title announced details of a new update for CS:GO.

A new update for CS:GO was released by the developers team, and as we can see on the details , this time will be a big upgrade for the game that is scheduled to be released in August 21st. With the recently pre-purchasing date released the game will gain you access to the beta stage on 14th of August.

A statement from the developers working on the CS:GO project was posted on the official game blog:
"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has come a long way since the beta began back in December, thanks to great feedback from beta participants. We have learned a great deal from the beta, and as we move forward the best way we can update Counter-Strike is to start iterating on a live product that can be experienced by the widest range of players."

The new changes on the game still on deployment stage and is scheduled to be applied to the game sometime before the 14th of August, allowing for some time to get ready for the one-week-long and last beta stage.

You can watch the full log with the changes here




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