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Road to Gamescom: Algirdas 'Sleper' Saliamonas

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Aug 7, 2012 20:59

ImageSeason 2 Regional Finals are just around the corner! Need a warmup before the action? SK-Gaming will bring you exclusive interviews with some of the top players in Europe!

EU Team Curse EU is surely one of the teams that is widely expected to secure a spot in the Season 2 Championship. In order to qualify though they'll need a top 3 performance in the Regional Finals next week. LT Algirdas 'Sleper' Saliamonas was kind enough to answer us a few questions about their expectations!

Hello, Sleper! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

"Hey I'm Algirdas Saliamonas, in-game name is Sleper. I'm a professional League Of Legends player from Lithuania currently playing for the team"

We are one week away from the most important European tournament - the Regional qualifiers for Season 2 Championship? How did your preparation for it look like? Are you satisfied with it or think you should have done more?

"We played around 12 hours per day solo queue/duo queue with teammates, as well as playing scrims but we didn't get as much team practice as we would've liked. I'm pretty satisfied with the direction we are going, and I think we can break through the top 3, as long as we play 100% and don't give up if something goes wrong."


The bracket for the tournament was more or less known after the Warsaw tournament ended. Did the fact that you know your first opponent and the possible next ones way earlier than in other tournaments helped you in figuring out your strategies?

"We haven't done the analyzing of the teams yet, we are gonna do it this week. But yeah it helps a lot when you know who are you gonna face , and you can prepare yourself better for the competition and the games, I think, will be much closer, just from that point that we know what's on the line."

What do you think of the format of the tournament? Do you think single elimination is good enough for such an important tournament that decides who gets to attend the Championship?

"In all of the professional sports there is a playoff bracket with single elimination. I think the only downside of that is less games, but now these games are gonna be much closer and their worth is gonna be bigger, the margin of error is a lot smaller, so the games should be more intense and more fun to watch."

What are your expectations going into the tournament? Do you think you can get one of the three spots for the Championship?

"Well, I think every team's expectation is to qualify for Season 2 Finals. The goal of my team is to qualify for Season 2 championship anything else would be a disappointment. I'm quite confident that we can get one of those three spots, even tho the competition is really stiff."

Do you have any predictions of the teams that are going to take the top 3 places?

"M5, (not in any particular order)"

Ok let's move on to some more specific questions. With Angush first out and then back into the team, how is the communication working out? Did he improve his attitude?

"The communication I think is better than ever, we understand each other quite well as we played together for a long time now, and we can make our aggressive plays again because of his aggression and how he works with the team. His Attitude has improved a lot, I think at that time there was a lot of drama in the team so it was hard to judge if it was emotions or just some other stuff, and him leaving made us realize that we are not the same team without him."


Tell us something more about Sleper as a pro player. What sacrifices does he have to make in order to be at the top?

"Well I had to spend more time on the game, playing it, thinking about how to improve in the game, it hurt my studies quite a bit, I had less time to spend with my friends, and family and my awesome cat. I needed to give up basketball practice and such. But I think all of it is worth it, because I travel around the world playing the game I love, and being with my team that I enjoy spending my time with."

You and Xinec are well known as one of the best AD Carry - Support synergies in Europe. Are there any bot lane duos you fear or admire?

"I fear and at the same time admire the bot lane of M5 Genja and GosuPepper. Against them we are having the hardest time because its hard to predict what are they gonna do, they are so much different than any other bot lane duo. Playing versus them is the most interesting thing because I learn quite a lot from every single game, and it pushes me to improve my game and just outplay them at their game or mine."

We'll wrap up the interview with a question about skills. What does it take to be a top AD Carry? Does it all go down to just farming and good positioning in teamfights? What do you think you could improve personally?

"It goes more ways than that, U still need to know almost every single bottom lane match up, need to know their strenghts and weaknesses, it depends on player play styles and such what are they gonna play and how. But yeah as an AD Carry positioning and farming are crucial things during games, but there is always even smaller things u can improve, maybe its not much but it can give u that extra push to be one of the best.
And for myself I can still calculate things more, sometimes I go for an exchange which will not help me, the small mistakes I do is the things I want to fix at this moment. Communication from my side with the team could be better, as well as my movement around the map. But its all fixable with the time u put into it. But yeah guys just play the game, enjoy it and watch your mistakes first, that's the quickest way to improve your own game."

Great! Thank you for your time. Any shout outs you would like to send?

"I wanna thank all of the fans out there who support us, and thanks to Logitech, Gunnars, Curse and Teamspeak for giving us the chance to be here."



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