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H2k joins the Dota 2 scene

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Aug 7, 2012 06:36

ImageH2k Gaming has struck into the Dota 2 scene with a Swedish roster, led by the British captain Henry 'henrydickenson' Dickenson.

H2k Gaming, an organization that is no stranger to recovering and persevering, has made its own investment in the Dota 2 scene with a new roster of four Swedes and one Brit, captain UK Henry 'henrydickenson' Dickenson. Mr. Dickenson was most recently released from EU Copenhagen Wolves , due in large to a disagreement with former DK SK Gaming captain DK Alexander 'CalculuS' Rathcke who is the captain of the current lineup. Over the last nine days, henrydickenson assembled a new team composed of other free agents fresh on the market. This includes SE Tobias 'bentzer' Bentzer, SE Felix 'chw' Ehrlund, SE Dante 'walleater' Rönnlund and SE Tom 'zapcrash' Halvarsson.

Most notable of these Swedes are bentzer and walleater, who have made headlines from their participation at international tournaments. Before joining h2k, bentzer played amongst the first of the Dota 2 tournaments with SE BX3 old Rangers , which displayed mixed results at ESWC and DreamHack Winter in 2011. Following these tournaments, bentzer joined FR mTw , which was then predominantly a Swedish roster. On the other hand, walleater has most recently played with SE Keita-Gaming at DreamHack Summer 2012 and The International Qualifiers West, but the team failed to progress far at both tournaments.

Statement from UK Henry 'henrydickenson' Dickenson:
"We were put into contact with H2k's CEO Rasmus "iNs8T" Sandström about them picking us up as their Dota 2 Squad. After a while we came to an agreement and I can now proudly say that we're a part of H2k Gaming! We are a new full Swedish team, but have known each other a long while and have some very familiar faces from within the DotA2 scene. We already have a good practise schedual and will be participating in upcoming 4PL tournaments as well as the upcoming Fnatic RaidCall Cup #5. Watch out and wish us luck!"

SE H2k Gaming roster
UK Henry 'henrydickenson' Dickenson
SE Tobias 'bentzer' Bentzer
SE Felix 'chw' Ehrlund
SE Dante 'walleater' Rönnlund
SE Tom 'zapcrash' Halvarsson

Source: joinDOTA



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