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Interview with SK Tobi after finishing EGL 2nd

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Aug 7, 2012 02:39

Image2 Days ago the EGL 7 took place in Blackpool, England. The team came back from the tourney with a fantastic and got some sleep. Now we interviewed the team captain SK Tobi about the EGL and Gamescom.

Tobi 'Tobi' Foster is the team captain of SK.Dominance and the eldest in the team. With his experience, Tobi is consistently motivating his mates and therewith makes sure that they all can play at their highest. He is holding the team together and is creating a good atmosphere in every single match. The point of rest showed at EGL 7 again very good and constantly skills and was therewith a key player of this tournament.

Now we asked Tobi 'Tobi' Foster some questions about the EGL, the winner OpticGaming and the upcoming events:

Can you introduce yourself for the guys who are not in the COD scene?

"Hi my name is Tobi Foster, im 26 and play Call of duty MW3 for SK gaming. Im head supervisor at an engineering firm called Aim in Manchester, I have a girlfriend called Emma who I have dated for about 10 years and I have a 4 year old son called Charlie."

You picked up MadCat for the EGL 7. How do you think about this decision after the EGL?

"I feel we made the right choice as he was solid all event, he put in all the time necessary to allow us to compete at our best, it’s a shame we have to let him go as he is a good friend but no matter what happened this event Scott was always coming straight back in."

The first day of the EGL 7 started very bad for your team. After winning matches against two underdogs you lost your match against Phobia.Pro with 3:1 and went into the loser bracket. Do you have any reasons why your team played not very well or do you had just a bad day?

"I feel that we started the first day not playing our best, but that takes nothing away from the way they played there whole team were all playing really well, the way they played totally countered the way we play so for the rematch we made sure we tweaked our strats."

After this backlash on the first day your team came back into the tournament and fought their way throw the lower bracket into the final against Optic Gaming. Can you describe your emotions after you realized that your team is the best European team at the moment?

"I so proud of the whole team for the effort that they all put in, every one of us played amazing the second day, this was the best I have felt after a tournament apart from the first one I won, the completion was amazing atmosphere was intense."

Will any team beat Optic Gaming in the near future?

"I think Europe is two big events off being near optic, their teamwork is so far beyond anyone in the uk at the minute all the top teams have come a long way since the last EGL, but were still a way off."

You said via Twitter:” […]the game against proph was the best game I have been in on LAN”. Why was that the best game you ever played?

"There was a lot of hype before this game, which lead to a lot of pressure for both teams to deliver, the first two games went right down to the wire with proph, taking both of them and going in too an early 2-0 lead, we knew we were still in with a chance by how close both games had been, the atmosphere was building up and up the further it went on we took both the next few maps taking the scores to 2-2, it came down to CTF bootleg to decide the winner in a campy affair both teams were unable to get to the flags easy, we pulled the flag with I think 30 seconds to go and worked together for a last second cap, all the emotion was then let out by both teams."

In one week you will travel to Cologne with your team to attend at the Gamescom. Do you ever visited Germany before and what do you expect from this event?

"I have never been to Germany and have always wanted to visit, I have heard good things about Gamescom so it will be nice to finally attend one, and it will also be nice to finally meet our manager Brian and any other member of the SK team."

Thanks for this interview and good luck for the future. Any shoutouts ?

"I would like to give a shout out to my team mates Scott, Ellis and Josh, Brian our manager and all of SK gaming and there sponsors."

SK.Dominance at EGL 7



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