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EGL VODs of SK Gaming!

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Aug 6, 2012 22:37

ImageCheck out the VODs of SK Gaming Dominance at EGL 7 in Blackpool. They were absolutely storming through the lower bracket after being sent there by Phobia early in the tournament.

SK Gaming was sent to the lower bracket quite early in the tournament. Thus day 2 put on a lot of pressure onto them. We have put together all VODs that are available from the team, as they haven't played all their matches on either the featured stage or the main stage, but there are still a lot though. You'll be able to find a short report about the matches as well.

SK Gaming vs. RoughNex (starting at 1h and 31m)
RoughNex was the second match of SK.Dominance in the winner bracket. The SK players were highly favored for this match.

SK Gaming vs. Prophecy
This is definitely a game you should not miss! Probably the most exciting and entertaining one of the entire tournament. There is a big rivalry between those two teams and both felt really confident before the event that they would win this, if it comes to a heads up between SK and proph.
from left to right (Swanny, Shane, Sowerz, Gunshy)

SK Gaming vs. Phobia [part1]
SK Gaming vs. Phobia [part2]
Phobia was the team to sent SK Gaming to the lower bracket. Now they met again in a best of 11 series in which Phobia had the 3-1 lead from the winner bracket match. There were some really great gameplays and clutches, so you should watch this!
from left to right (T1, Sir Rush, Strict, BattleKing)

SK Gaming vs. FeaR
FeaR is one of two US teams that came over to Europe for EGL. Just as SK, FeaR had a decent rush through the lower bracket. How the US vs. EU match ended can be found here.
from left to right (Phizzurp, Ricky, Killa, John)

SK Gaming vs. 4Kings (starting at 1h and 40m)
4Kings were one of the surprises at EGL. None predicted them to have such a good tournament. They fluently run through round after round and only felt down to OpTic Gaming. In the match for the Grand Final spot, they had to face SK.Dominance.
from left to right (McGee, Momo, Jurd, Pascoe)

SK Gaming vs. OpTic Gaming (the stream was down before, so this is just the rest)
The Grand Final between OpTic Gaming and SK.Dominance was followed by some stream problems. OpTic were highly favored for this, as they won the match against almost the same line up at EGL5.
from left to right (Rambo, Scumpi, Merk, Bigtymer)

Check out the photo gallery provided by here.



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