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mTw without 'weber'

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Aug 6, 2012 20:39

ImageChanges at mTw. Brandon 'weber' Weber leaves the team and mTw has only four players.

mTw changes his lineup. Towards the end of last year German organisation mTw revealed their plan for European dominance, picking up a collection of the most decorated Counter-Strike:Source players in Europe and giving them the backing required to be the best. Now they must change the lineup.

But now Brandon 'weber' Weber leaves the team. The chemistry between team and player was not given any more. The young taletend player has been considered one of the most gifted players in Europe since joining mTw last year and given his recent performances many will be surprised at the decision. The team will now be looking elsewhere for a new 5th. Brandon 'weber' Weber has asked mtw to resolve his contract because he want find a new team fast.

In a statement to he said:

"Unfortunately I could see this coming with how things were developing over the past few weeks, with tensions rising due to the release of CS:GO there were certain differences between me and one other teammate. As time went by this became irreparable and we mutually decided it was best if we parted ways. I wish them the best of luck in the future and I hope they find someone they can mould into a player they need. I'd like to thank Kevin, Lars and Paul for their help during my stay and obviously ex-teammates. I will be using this to also announce that I will be playing CS:GO as of now and optimistically I will be playing in the near future with a team competing at the top level once again."

UK mTw are now:

UK George 'hudzG' Hoskins
CA Josh 'Steel' Nissan
DE Andre 'nooky' Utesch
SE Alex 'rdl' Redl

Source: - mTw Change One
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