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MLG Summer Arena Finals: Azubu Blaze vs Team SoloMid

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Aug 6, 2012 01:31

ImageBlaze has looked unstoppable this tournament, dropping only 1 game to Curse.NA. Will TSM be able to move on from the 0-3 defeat and pull out a win?

After a stunning display of skill Blaze emerged victorious in their first series at their first LAN appearance outside of Korea. Not only was it a 3-0, but a 3-0 versus one of the top teams NA has to offer. They continued their dominant play all tournament long, and now are in the finals in a rematch of the first series played at this summer arena.

US Team SoloMid vs KR Azubu Blaze


TSM Bans: Vladimir, Ahri, Shyvana
Azubu Blaze Bans: Yorick, Rumble, Karthus

TSM Picks: Graves, Malphite, Soraka, Cassiopeia, Dr. Mundo
Azubu Blaze Picks: Shen, Ryze, Maokai, Sivir, Taric

TSM attempts to adopt the heavy push-style Blaze is now known for after these past few days. By securing Graves and Soraka TSM attempts to exert heavy lane pressure and manages to take the first turret at 7 minutes. After some pushing back and forth by both teams, Blaze initiates on TSM 3v4 and loses 2 kills for nothing. TSM takes this opportunity to pick up Dragon.

TSM manages to rush down mid outer turret and secures Blaze's blue buff off of it. Then they trade top outer for their bot outer tower. As the Dragon spawns and Blaze start it, Malphite teleports in and ults 4 members of Azubu Blaze. The follow-up is not there though and TSM lose the fight 1-3.

As the late game approaches Captain Jack is 4/0/3 with 300 cs at the 30 minute mark. After multiple skirmishes and a beautiful dive on top TSM's top inner, Blaze come out ahead and secure Baron. They shove in bot for 3 kills and the win.

Winner: Azubu Blaze


TSM Bans: Shen, Ahri, Vladimir
Azubu Blaze Bans: Yorick, Rumble, Karthus

TSM Picks: Nocturne, Ashe, Twisted Fate, Janna, Singed
Azubu Blaze Picks: Ryze, Urgot, Alistar, Maokai, Irelia

After a 40-minute game that ended in a massive disconnect, the remade game 2 of this tournament starts out with huge aggression, where a level one teamfight ends 2-1 in favour of Blaze. The teams spend the early game trading kills, however its always Blaze that is initiating the fights and TSM picking up a kill in return. In addition Blaze manages to secure the first two Dragons.

As the teams begin to group a brilliant engage middle under TSM's turret ends 3-0 for TSM, but they fail to capitalize on it. They move up and attempt another fight mid a few minutes later, but this one ends 2-4, and Blaze eventually head for Baron. When TSM show up to contest Ashe is taken out almost instantly and Blaze wins the fight 4-0, taking mid inhibitor off the back of it. A big engage mid ends 1-3 for TSM, and Blaze moves to take Baron. As TSM goes diving in to them, the surrender comes out and Blaze take the match.

Winner: Azubu Blaze




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