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MLG Summer Arena: Azubu Blaze vs Curse

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Aug 5, 2012 19:30

ImageDay 3 of the MLG Summer Arena kicks off with the last matches of the round robin. In the first match of the day, the Korean powerhouse Azubu Blaze will face the ever improving Curse. Will the Asians continue their dominance overseas? SK-Gaming with a full coverage!

Final day of the MLG Summer Arena and what a way to start it, but with an intercontinental clash! Azubu Blaze remains undefeated - after beating TSM and BLACK without dropping a single map. Curse, on the other hand, had a shaky performance yesterday in their matches against their fellow Americans, but managed to win against the newly build European team BLACK. Will Curse be able use their homeland advantage, or will Azubu Blaze prove once more why they are a force to recon with? Find out in our full coverage!

KR Azubu Blaze vs US Team Curse

Game 1:

Azubu Bans: Malphite, Rumble, Shyvanna
Curse Bans: Ahri, Vladimir, Urgot

Azubu Picks: Graves, Maokai, Shen, Janna, Karthus
Curse Picks: Alistar, Nocturne, Ezreal, Morgana, Olaf

Game Recap:

The game started off with both teams looking for early aggression. Each team headed straight into enemy territory and they traded their blue buffs. After seeing that no early actions could be achieved, the Korean team went straight to farming, while their American opponents had a trick up their sleeves. First blood came up pretty fast on the scoreboard: just 2 minutes into the game, a well orchestrated 3-man gank top, gave them a slight advantage, which however didn't last long enough.

Azubu managed to pull themselves together and thanks to their usual aggressive play style, they kept increasing their map control and gold advantage: by minute 14 of the game they were already 14:2 in kills and 10k gold in their favor.

All the Koreans had to do was go for the killing blow, which they did: by minute 25 Curse's base was already looking like a gladiator's field, in which players by both sides were constantly killing each other. Having already lost both their nexus turrets, the Americans couldn't hold their base much longer and Azubu Blaze wrapped up game one.

WINNER: Azubu Blaze


Game 2:

Azubu Bans: Rumble, Malphite, Nocturne
Curse Bans: Ahri, Shen, Urgot

Azubu Picks: Graves, Shyvanna, Irelia, Lulu, Orianna
Curse Picks: Vladimir, Corki, Alistar, Karthus, Blitzcrank

Game Recap:

Same like the previous game, both teams were grouped together, looking for early fight. First blood was in favor of Azubu, after a 1 for 1 exchange near the middle side of the river.

Curse were looking pretty strong, as they put pressure on all 3 lanes and by minute 10 they were already ahead in kills - 7:3. The Americans were slowly but surely increasing their advantage, which at this point of the game was confusing for Azubu. First big teamfight took place near the dragon area. Again Curse pulled out ahead, killing 2 of the Korean team's members, while the rest barely escaping with their lives.

At this point of the game it seemed like nothing could stop the Americans, as they were fighting fire with fire. Azubu however managed to start what it looked like a comeback - getting ahead in the next two big teamfights. Their efforts however were just not enough, because they were down 2 inhibitors. Now having to defend 2 lanes from superminions rushing in, the Koreans were cornered in their base. Curse on the other hand were looking strong and getting ready to end the game, which they did after a perfectly executed teamfight near bot inhibitor turret, winning the game in 38 minutes.



Game 3:

Azubu Bans: Rumble, Malphite, Alistar
Curse Bans: Ahri, Vladimir, Shen

Azubu Picks: Graves, Soraka, Maokai, Jax, Kassadin
Curse Picks: Shyvanna, Karthus, Blitzcrank, Corki, Yorick

Game Recap:

The third and final game of the series started off pretty standard: no early aggression. First blood went to Azubu again, after an unsuccessful gank backfired at Curse at mid lane. Both teams resumed their farming.

The first big fight of the game took place in mid lane: After a good initiation by the American team they managed to score 2 kills, but Azubu responded with another 2 in return. Score was 3:2 for the Koreans so far and they had a slight gold advantage.

First Dragon of the game was in favour of Curse and it seemed like they were still into the game. Overagression from their side however, led to a 4:2 exchange in their opponent's favour just 2 minutes after what seemed to be their comeback in the game.

From this point until the end of the game it was all about 1 team - Azubu Blaze. They switched up a gear almost instantly and focused on their game plan, which was - pushing and creating pressure on all three lanes. Curse's resistance was futile and the Korean team, with their dominant playstyle won the game, and the series 2:1

Winner: Azubu Blaze




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