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SK.Dominance finished 2nd at EGL7!

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Aug 5, 2012 10:26

ImageToday, SK's own Modern Warfare 3 team will compete in Blackpool with international top teams like Optic Gaming. Follow our live coverage to get recent news about the event.

Blackpool is the Mallorca of England, but this weekend it will be the place of pilgrimage for pro gamers and gaming fans. The European gaming event is one of the biggest console LAN's of the past years. The tournament will take place at the Norbreck Castle Hotel and Conference Centre on 4/5 August 2012 and includes 76 teams for Call of Duty. Check out our Day 1 updates

Day 2 - 9:22
The team around the players EN Tobi 'Tobi' Foster, EN Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos, EN Josh 'Josh' Sheppard and pick up EN Dylan 'Madcat' Daly won their first 2 matches yesterday, but lost an insane match against Phobia.Pro with 3:1 and went into the loser bracket. This knock out came a little bit surprisingly, but with new energy they will start into the second day of the EGL 7.

We saw another surprise yesterday - Fariko.Yin sent Fear into the loser bracket. After this amazing achievement, Fariko had to face Optic Gaming in the quarter final, but Optic showed again why they're the best COD team in the world at the moment and sent Fariko.Yin also to the loser bracket.

Day 2 - 11:55
SK.Dominance have just had their first match of the day against TEC. SK Gaming was already 1-0 up from day 1 and so it left them to win two more maps to save their top16 placement. The team looked quite good this morning and managed to take SnD and later on CtF Arkaden to proceed to next round with a confidently 3-0 win. Their next opponent will be Boys With Attitude in round 7 of the loser bracket.

Day 2 - 13:26
The match vs. Boys With Attitude has just started with CTF on Bootleg. With MadCat going 20-10 SK Gaming managed to win CTF Bootleg 1-0. SK.Dominance takes SnD Underground 4-1 and therewith they are in a 2-0 lead. It was all up to CTF Dome then, but SK Gaming won it in a 3-1 series and proceed to next round where they will face Prophecy.

Day 2 - 16:09
It became what it was expected, a hell of a match. Both teams started really nervous in the first map. Only half a second was missed to capture the winning flag for SK at the end of CTF Arkaden. This meant that they had to go into stopwatch where proph came out on top of. SnD Carbon was next. It looked good again for SK, but it was prophecy who take the second map as well in a close SnD game. Being 0-2 behind, SK.Dominance had nothing to lose. They fought themselves back into the game winning CTF Lockdown 2-1 and SnD Arkaden 4-1. The final showdown was set on CTF Bootleg. No flags were capped untill the last 30 seconds of the match when SK made the decisive move to win the map and the match. They will now play against Fariko.Yin who have sent Fear to the losers-bracket earlier on.

Day 2 - 17:57
Unfortunately, we do not have any information on the exact map scores, but SK Gaming managed to win over Fariko in a 3-1 series. They are now about to play Phobia who sent them to the loser brackets earlier on. This means that a top 6 placement is already guaranteed.

Day 2 - 19:45
SK was storming over Phobia on CTF Lockdown. With a 1-3 deficit the team has to win a lot of maps in the BO6 series. On Lockdown, they started with a 5-1 win and Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos going 29-6. SnD on Bootleg was next and SK seemed to be in the momentum. There was actually no chance for Phobia in this. SK.DOminance win confidently 4-1 and therewith equalize the series to 3-3. Map 3 of this loser bracket match was CTF Dome. Phobia seemed to get into the game better and better now. After a 1-1 first half, pH managed to pick the decisive flag just a minute before the end. Total score is 4-3 for pH at the moment. SnD Underground brought the SK back one could saw on earlier on CTF Lockdown. It first looked like pH could come back, but SK finished it of 4-2. The match became more and more intensive. So much clutches going on there and pH coming back after being 0-1 back to a 2-1. With a last second capture, Josh could tie it up to stopwatch. After getting all the Phobia players down, Josh managed to make an impressive flag cap and therewith get the advantage. This advantage was enough to win CTF Bootleg. This meant the first time that SK is in the lead in this series with 5-4. Furthermore, they only need one more win to safe themselves a top 4 placement. On SnD Seatown, SK managed to tie things up to 3-3 after being down 1-3, but then Battleking clutched a 1v2 for pH.
It was all up to CTF Arkaden. The SK Show began. The first half SK Gaming were storming on Phobia and took a 3-0 lead. pH was close to tie things up in the second half, but some huge plays made sure that SL could take it 5-2. SK Gaming has a safe top 4 placement now and are about to play Fear from the United States.

Day 2 - 20:00
The next big thing is about to come up. Fear Gaming from North America is waiting for SK.Dominance in the lb semi-finals. The Americans have surprisingly be dropped to the lb by Fariko on Day 1 caused by some jet lag, but today they have been absolutely destroying everything and everyone in the lower bracket. Latest take down was Dingitas in a 3-0 series. Although being the underdogs for this match, SK Gaming is currently in a good mood and if they can play their best, they might be able to take an unexpected win. Tune in to the stream that is starting in a few minutes.

Day 2 - 21:30
Another surprise came up. SK.Dominance have just managed to win their match over the highly favorited FeaR Gaming players. They managed to win the stopwatch on CTF Arkaden and take the 1-0 lead. FeaR could tie it up by winning SnD Seatown 4-2. In another CTF round on Lockdown, SK showed off their skills and won 4-2 after a 3-1 lead in the first half. Everyone expected FeaR to win SnD Carbon then, however, SK.Dominance came out on top with a sensational 2v4 clutch by Blackk and MadCat whilst the bomb was planted.
The route of SK Gaming through the lower bracket is yet to be finished. They are now in the lb finals where they will meet the ones of 4Kings. If they manage to win this match, they will face off against OpTic Gaming from the United States as well. Make sure you tune in to the stream and cheer for SK Gaming.

Day 2 - 22:30
It's done. SK Gaming have made their way through the entire lower bracket and have just beaten 4Kings who were dropped to the lb final by OpTic Gaming in a 3-0 series. Results between SK.Dominance and 4K:
CTF Bootleg 1-0
SnD Underground 4-3
CTF Dome 4-2
In a great match, SK have won 3-0 over 4Kings. They are going to face the current EGL Champions from OpTic Gaming in the Grand Final now. Everything is possible.

Day 2 - 23:30
The match between SK and OpTic Gaming is currently live, but the EGL stream is currently not really working. OpTic have managed to win CTF Bootleg 3-0.
SND Arkaden SK 4-2 OpTic
CTF Dome SK 1-3 OpTic
SND Bootleg SK 0-4 OpTic
SK needed to win two BO5 series against OpTic Gaming to win the EGL title, but it was all ended up in the first one. OpTic just played too well for the UKs who have had a long day and a really good rush through the lb. COngratulations to OpTic Gaming for defending the title.

SK on the mainstage

Follow the live coverage to get recent news and pictures about the tourney. Talking about pictures, we want to make a shoutout to and thank you for giving us permission to use your photos!

If you want to watch the games follow the live stream



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