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TSL 4 - Ro32 Day 3 Coverage

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Aug 4, 2012 21:56

ImageTSL 4 has by far been one of the most anticipated online tournaments the StarCraft 2 world has seen so far. The prestigious 32 player tournament is featuring players from all over the world! The Ro32 day 3 is here. Inside you'll find the latest coverage of the event!

The Team Liquid Starleague has become one of the biggest events of the year. TSL is known for changing the lives of many young pro gamers looking to make a name for themselves. This TSL will be no different in fact with the upcoming launch of HOTS this might be the tournament for someone to build their career.

Day 3 of the round of 32 is here. We have another 8 players challenging for their spot in the round of 16. Tonight's games feature some of the best foreigners battling it out verse their Korean opponents. We'll be covering all the action from tonight make sure to check back for the latest updates!

Image courtesy of TeamLiquid

Round of 32 - Day 3

Live Stream

KR Kim 'Hack' Young 3 - 0 PL Grzegorz 'MaNa' Komincz

Game 1 Metropolis - Winner: Hack
Game 2 Entombed Valley - Winner: Hack
Game 3 Ohana - Winner: Hack

Hack advances to the round of 16.

Series recap:
When a Korean and a foreigner face off each other the Korean is mostly going to be the favourite. Considering that it was going to be a Korean Terran and a foreign Protoss made some people change their mind though as some Terrans seem to struggle against Protoss lately. However both players, MaNa and Hack, are known to have had some great success so far.

The first game on Metropolis was pretty much standard, as both players opened with fast expansions. Shortly after that Hack already mixed it up a bit as he followed up with five barracks, pumping out marines constantly. With a small force he started to push out and got a few kills. MaNa wouldn't let Hack push him around and started some poking at the natural expansion from Hack.

However Hack would still keep to his game plan and started to put on some more agression on MaNa. Though the Polish player had some trouble holding it he could still survive. Hack achieved what he wanted and could weaken MaNa's defenses. With a double drop in the main base that could take out several key structures and some more unit kills in the middle of the map he could force the "gg" out of MaNa who could not hold on.

Entombed Valley held some surprises for MaNa as Hack opened with three baracks, while MaNa took an expansion with only one gate. The first push could not kill MaNa but left some damage as his natural expansion was lost. The counterattack from MaNa did not do any damage at all. The Protoss had to take two expansions to catch up again but with the support of eight barracks Hack was able to kill the third nexus pretty fast. With some decent focus fire, drops and attacks coming in from multiple angles Hack was able to take the second map as well.

The last map on Ohana did not go standard either. Hack opened up with two barracks into a command center but did not put any pressure on MaNa in the very early game. Around the six minute mark Hack moved out and managed to kill one stalker and a sentry. However MaNa was able to keep his natural expansion alive. A Marauder push which followed up, Hack could get four sentry kills and weaken the defence of MaNa even more. With a drop in the main base Hack was able to destroy the robotics bay which did not really hurt the Polish player as the range upgrade for the colossi was done already. However MaNa was forced to push from two bases while Hack had taken a third command center. The Colossi were in front of the attack and with amazing focus fire and attacks from multiple angles Hack was able to hold the push and pump out even more units. Around the 17 minute mark Hack moved out to deliver the final blow to MaNa. With smart poking and focus firing the Polish Protoss could not hold on for long and had to "gg" again, giving a 3-0 win to Hack.

This means Hack will play against the winner of Thorzain Vs Hasuobs in the round of 16.

Live Stream

KR Hyun-Woo 'Creator' Jang 3 - 0 KR Kyeong Hyun 'SeleCT' Ryoo

Game 1 Entombed Valley - Winner: Creator
Game 2 Daybreak - Winner: Creator
Game 3 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: Creator

Creator advances to the round of 16.

Series recap:
The second TvP of the day was set out to be an interesting series of games. Select, one of the players that have been known since the beta, against Creator a relatively new talent that has been impressing everybody lately.

The first game already started out quite unusual as Select, after going for a seemingly standard 1rax cc build, started a command center in one of the remote main bases on entombed valley.The commentators were left stunned when Creator found the attempted hidden base right away with his first stalker. While Creator could not really punish Select with his army, because of the cross position spawn, he most certainly exploited Selects gamble by taking a fast third Base and going for quick double upgrades. While Select tried to do the same, by going for the late game, it was all but too late as Creator just did not let go of his advantage and did not let Select get back into the game. After a warp prism forces Select's army out of position Creator is able to push into Select's natural and force Select out of the game.

If Select choose his first build, because he was afraid to play Creator in a straight up game, Game 2 showed us why. The early game played out pretty standard as both players are going for a reasonable but not greedy fast expand builds. Both players choose to go for the late game with double upgrades and fast third Bases. Select manages to drop Creator, killing both forges, canceling +2/+2 and killing the twilight council, canceling Zealot charge. The first few engagements right after this, turn out to be not that bad for select as he manages to trade a big part of his marine marauder force for quite a few Collosi. Creator still has a huge gateway army left, while Select is stuck with quite a few Vikings. Creator successfully delays Select's fourth, while teching up to storm and Dark Templar´s. This contain snowballs into Creator convincingly winning the next engagement after which he is able to overwhelm Select.

After his failed attempt in the first game and not really able to win straight up in the second, Select chooses a cc first opening, trying to get ahead economically. This backfires though, as Creator pulls 5 probes as soon as he scouts Selects build and chronoboosts out zealots. While Select pulls nearly all of his scvs trying to defend. Creator takes his natural and is able to delay mining quite a bit. This translates into a huge mid game advantage for Creator as he has at one point 32probes to Selects 18. Creator once again does not choose the aggressive route but rather sitting back and teching up with double forges and collosus. He then even fakes Select out as he is taking his third by going for storm immediately after getting collosus, not even bothering to get the range upgrade. Select is already behind and being in the disadvantaged position from Creators tech switch, he is unable to hold Creators well upgraded zealot archon storm push and Creator sweeps the series.

This means that Creator will play against CoCa in the Round of 16.

Live Stream

KR Lee 'Daisy' Jong Hyuk 0 - 3 KR Kang 'First' Hyun Woo

Game 1 Metropolis - Winner: First
Game 2 Antiga Shipyard - Winner: First
Game 3 Ohana - Winner: First

First advances to the round of 16.

Series recap:
The PvP matchup has been kind of boring in the early days but has recently changed and switched up a bit. Going for four gate pressure will not ensure a win anymore as many builds can be found. The player First from IM went in as the favourite into the game as his opponent Daisy lives in Germany since he has joined a new team.

The first game already gave some proof why First was the favourite in this match. While the opening was pretty standard by both of the players, the follow-up was as diverse as possible. Daisy went with a robotics facility and First went for risky phoenix play. With those air units First was able to harrass quite well and keep the probe count as low as possible. He used the ability of picking up units as best as he could. Daisy didn't have many options and chose the colossus tech from one base. The colossus did not live for long as the phoenix constantly attacked and finally took it down. As soon as Daisy pushed the front of the base from First he was crushed by the amazing control of the IM player.

Antiga Shipyard was kind of funny as it seems both players switched to the opening the opponent went for in the first game. While First went with one gate and the robotics facility, Daisy tried his luck with the stargate. Three more gateways came up for First and that was followed by a warprism. The IM player managed to warp in a few zealots and dropped them right in the mineral line of Daisy. Several probes have been killed but the huge success for First was that he took out several key buildings unpowering a few gates. So once again Daisy was forced to push out but the great multitasking ability of First was just too much. While defending his front First also built another warprism which dropped some zealots in the base of Daisy again. With a great concave to defend back at home and the constant harass the IM player could win once again in a more than convincing way.

The third and also last game was on Ohana. A standard opening was followed by different build orders. Daisy managed to sneak a probe into the base of First which was already indicating what he was going for: four gate pressure. First went for the two gate and robotics facility. Then he decided, once again, to put on some pressure on his opponent. With that push coming it was not easy for Daisy to hold and he had to use his warp ins to defend. Therefore his own pressure was delayed. When the offensive push was coming First was ready and held it without having too much trouble. Still he felt kind of behind and went for the one base colossus tech. The ESC player Daisy tried to take his expansion which was punished by First almost immediately. As soon as the push of him came the game was almost over. With some great micro First was able to defeat Daisy once again. This assured the IM player the 3-0 victory.

This means that First will play against the winner of Bischu vs. TaeJa in the round of 16.

Live Stream

SE Kim 'SaSe' Hammar 1 - 2 KR Jong Hwan 'CoCa' Choi

Game 1 Cloud Kingdom - Winner: SaSe
Game 2 Metropolis - Winner: CoCa
Game 3 Daybreak - Winner: CoCa
Game 4 Ohana - Winner: CoCa

Coca advances into Round of 16

Series recap:
In the second Eurpoean vs Korean match up the unconventional SaSe meet with the also non standard Zerg player Coca to decide who would play against Creator in the Round of 16

CoCa starts the series boldly going hatch first to which SaSe seemingly had the most perfect answer to. He starts out by going gate first at his natural upon scouting Cocas build and then transitioning into a super fast cyber core, after taking his natural. SaSe rushes up for two forges and starts upgrading +1/+1 immediately. While Coca goes for the usual 3base Zerg play, SaSe hit him with an unexpectedly early timing with Zealot stalker and 1/1 upgrades. Sase manages to deny mining and gets quite a few drone kills while taking a third before his attack gets cleaned up.
At this point Sase starts his +3/+3 upgrades and teching up to collosus while Coca still has only +1 range upgrade. As Sase's upgrades finish he pushes with a maxed stalker collosus army that walks over Cocas Ling infestor roach army and even a desperate counterattack does not help CoCa as he is forced to gg and SaSe takes the first game.

The second game SaSe answers CoCa's bold hatch first build with a Nexus first of his own and continues the game with sentry immortal into a standard PvZ midgame. Coca meanwhile goes for an unusually fast Infestation Pit even skipping roach speed, building more speedlings than usual. This comes in handy as he catches almost all of SaSe's immortals and sentries out of position as he tries to take a third. Coca kills all of SaSe's units, his third and 9 probes until his attack is thwarted. This puts him so far ahead that the next roach attack forces SaSe to gg out.

Coca tries a hatchery first build once again, this time on daybreak, but this time SaSes punishes it promptly with a successful canon rush. After he defends the zergling counter attack with cannons at his natural it seemed like game over for CoCa. CoCa however goes for a quick one base lair and successfully plants a nydus worm inside SaSes main. He kills off the main nexus and spreads creep in SaSes main. The game takes a turn for the unconventional as SaSe puts down 2 robos getting nothing but immortals while defending at his natural. SaSe decides to push with 5 immortals and gateway units successfully killing Coca's natural but unable to break his ramp, while he himself loses his natural to a counter attack. SaSe tries to take a hidden expansion, but it gets spotted and taken out quickly by Coca's roach ling army. Coca continuously builds nydus worms near SaSe's natural, where his last buildings are located, forcing him back repeatedly. Coca uses this distraction to take a hidden expansion himself. This gets spotted eventually by SaSe, who pulls all his units trying to take it out but CoCa manages to win this final battle with some good fungals and a lot of patience.

In game 4 on Ohana both players are opening very safe, with a pool first and forge first. SaSe clearly tilted from the last game tries to go for the very popular sentry immortal all in. CoCa manages to catch the first probe though, due to getting zergling speed unusually fast. SaSe's late move out with sentry immortal is promptly answered by a roach ling counter attack by CoCa. With Roaches and lings destroying his main and natural and his army unable to break up to the main of CoCa Sase is forced to gg.

This means that CoCa will play Creator in the Round of 16

The games tonight were fantastic, tomorrow holds much the same for TSL. Here on you'll find the preview for the Team Liquid Starleague 4, round of 32 day 4 tomorrow. As well as live coverage of the event as the action unfolds.



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