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SK.Dominance at EGL7: Day 1 coverage

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Aug 4, 2012 11:11

ImageSK's own Modern Warfare 3 will today compete in Blackpool with international top teams like Optic Gaming. Follow our live coverage to get the recent news about the event.

Blackpool is the Mallorca of England, but this weekend it will be the place of pilgrimage for pro gamers and gaming fans. The European gaming event will probably be one of the biggest console LAN's of the past years. The tournament will take place at the Norbreck Castle Hotel and Conference Centre on 4/5 August 2012 and the EGL will go into the next round with probably over 70 teams. The host of EGL 7 raised the total prize fund to over £30,000.

The team around the players EN Tobi 'Tobi' Foster, EN Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos, EN Josh 'Josh' Sheppard and pick up EN Dylan 'Madcat' Daly arrived at the hotel yesterday, where they met the other teams and got their SK jerseys for the EGL7.

Day 1 - 10:38
The morning started with a little breakfast for our playerss. After the breakfast the guys are waiting to check in and play their first matches. Over 77 paid teams are attending today and the hosts of EGL 7 are creating the bracket at the moment. The Gears of War 3 1v1 tournament will start at 11:30. Gears of War Livestream

Day 1 - 11:12
The bracket is released and SK.Dominance got a free win. The team will face the winner of the match "CsC.Aduro" and "Cohesion" in the next round. If SK will win their games, they will probably face "apeX.Knockout" in the round of the best 16 ! Follow our staff member "Calvin Sōsuke", who is still at the EGL 7, on his Twitter account to get live scores of every match.

Day 1 - 13:05
"Cohesion" defeated "CsC.Aduro" with a confident 2:0 and will face SK.Dominance in the next round. The top favourites Optic Gaming and Fear Gaming won their matches with 2:0 and went into the next round of the winner bracket. The other matches are about to start within the next minutes.

SK.Dominance won the first map with a 5:0 overall score. A Strong match was played by EN Dylan 'Madcat' Daly with 30:8 on Dome, CTF.
Now Search and Destroy - The matches will be played in BO3, if SK will win S&D, they're in the next round !
--> And there is the 2. map - SK went into the next round with a strong 2:0 !

Day 1 - 15:00
A little update: SK will face RoughNeX.Genesis in the round of the last 32. Prophecy won their first match against Maneuver with 2:1, after losing the first map CTF with 4:1. Fear will face Synergy and Optic Gaming will play against PinkPotateos - Probably an easy way into the round of the last 16 for the favourite teams.

SK is now playing on the mainstage, watch the stream !

Day 1 - 16:00
After 1 hour of waiting the game started on the big mainstage, where SK faced RNX in the winner bracket. The first map was CTF, Bootleg and SK dominated the match up from the first second. They took 2 flags and after switching the sides, SK played defence and saved the first point in this BO5.

The second map was S&D, Underground. The map started good and SK took the first round fast, but RNX came back in a nice 1v1 vs Madcat they took the second round. But again SK took the attack round, after planting the bomb the three RNX player had no chance to defuse. After switching the sides again, RNX managed a fast rush on the A bomb, but SK was good positioned and took down the bomb fast and Madcat made the last kill - 3:1 overall, 4 points to win the game. RNX came back and killed all SK players very fast, only 3:2 for SK. And again, only Madcat seemed to be concentrated, because the other three died very fast and Madcat had no chance in the 2v1 - 3:3 overall. But in the end SK kept cool and won the 2. round. At the moment 2:0 for SK !

The third map was CTF on Dome and SK had no problems and played very confident like the first map. SK went with a nice 3:0 into the round of the best 16 and will face the winner of the match "Phobia.Pro" and "Chemistry".

Day 1 - 18:11
SK will face Phobia.Pro in the round of the last 16. Also the teams Optic Gaming, Dignitas, Prophecy, Horizon and TCM managed to reach the round of the last 16. We're still waiting for the results of the other matches. Stay tuned !

The match started with the CTF on Lockdown,where Phobia played very strong and won the first map. On S&D Bootleg booth teams played a very strong and close match, but again Phobia had the better end and won the map with 3:4. On CTF Arkaden SK came better into the match, probably because they started on the "good" side and take the first half with 3:1. After switching the sides, SK played very defensive and so the map went to SK. The overall result was 2:1, before the 4th map began. On S&D Lockdown, SK was not very concentrated again and lost some rounds very careless. In the end Phobia took this map too and went into the quarter final.

In contrast SK have to play in the lower bracket tomorrow, where they're trying to reach the top 5 of this tournament. Thank you for following the live coverage, see you tomorrow !

SK on the mainstage

Follow the live coverage to get recent news and pictures about the tourney. Talking about pictures, we want to make a shoutout to and thank you for giving us permission to use your photos!

If you want to watch the games follow the live stream



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