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MLG Summer Arena: TSM vs Azubu Blaze

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Aug 4, 2012 06:04

ImageThe two titans of the NA and Korean scenes go head-to-head in this MLG arena in what is certain to be a memorable series.

Azubu Blaze are infamous for being highly secretive of their play-style. Their secondary team Azubu Frost was created as a way of safeguarding their team secrets, by way of Azubu Frost scrimming other teams, then coming back to Blaze and playing like the teams they just scrimmed. This in essence allows Blaze to play against the other teams without having the other teams know what they are going to do. TSM has been following the Korean scene closely and have said that they Koreans are not in top form. We'll see what happens when these teams clash and figure out who really is stronger.

US Team SoloMid vs KR Azubu Blaze


TSM Bans: Urgot, Shen, Alistar
Azubu Blaze Bans: Malphite, Nocturne, Rumble

TSM Picks: Janna, Twisted Fate, Nunu, Corki, Yorick
Azubu Blaze Picks: Graves, Maokai, Vladimir, Ahri, Taric

The Korean team is known only for one thing: hyper-aggression early game. They do not disappoint as within the first 10 or so minutes Blaze has pushed down all 3 of TSM's Outer turrets. TSM also gets baited around as the game goes on and Blaze manages to take 2 inner turrets by the 15 minute mark, and ends up siegeing top inner by 16 minutes, though it looks like a 32 minute game with the number of towers down.

TSM has been trying to keep up in gold by taking Dragons but the heavy push-style is too much for them and they are falling far behind Blaze. A little later Blaze take Baron after a few failed attempts and charge up midlane, eventually taking the inhibitor. After a lot of back and forth, Blaze makes a move for bot inhibitor turret and ends up losing the fight 1:4.

As blaze goes to bait the next Baron, they peel off several times allowing bot inihibitor to be taken by creeps. A fight breaks out at Baron and it ends an even 3:3. As the teams regoup, TSM gets a pick on 2 Blaze players mid and secures Baron. TSM looks to be coming back in to this game with TSM taking 2 mid turrets, but a nexus turret going down to minions forces them back. At a final stand mid Blaze rushes in to the mid inhibitor and kills both of TSM's carries, and securing this first game.

Winner: Azubu Blaze



TSM Bans: Alistar, Shen, Urgot
Azubu Blaze Bans: Malphite, Rumble, Graves

TSM Picks: Nocturne, Ashe, Janna, Cassiopeia, Yorick
Azubu Blaze Picks: Vlad, Skarner, Corki, Soraka, Irelia

TSM are ready for a fight in this second match and come out with a strong showing, with the kill count hitting the 28 mark before 20 minutes. With TSM keeping up with Blaze it seems the NA team may just have a chance. After a couple of beautiful teamfights mid TSM pushes up to the mid inner turret after winning out 3:1 and then 5:2 in the previous fights.

TSM goes for a risky Baron and Blaze move in for the kill. it turns out TSM may have gotten ahead of themselves as they lose the Baron and Blaze picks up a delayed ace, as well as mid inhib and a nexus turret. After a back and a pick off on Yorick, Blaze moves in for the kill and picks up game 2.

Winner: Azubu Blaze



TSM Bans: Urgot, Alistar, Shen
Azubu Blaze Bans: Yorick, Malphite, Rumble

TSM Picks: Vladimir, Maokai, Soraka, Corki, Gragas
Azubu Blaze Picks: Graves, Lulu, Irelia, Shyvana, Twisted Fate

Blaze with the early invade, catching Dyrus and getting an easy first blood and taking the blue from Maokai. TSM varying it up by sending Corki and Soraka top against Irelia, leaving Vladimir to 1v2 Graves and Lulu. Blaze able to take bot turret at 4:21, leaving them to press an early advantage. Both teams switched their top and bot lanes, and Blaze picks up the top tower at 8:50. TSM knew they needed a new strategy to have a chance - Blaze up 4k gold (11k-15k) at 10 minutes, this was not the strategy they needed.

With impeccable timing, a Lulu ultimate on Shyvana ulting into TSM wins the first team fight easily, leaving Blaze even further ahead, in what appears to be a downward spiral for TSM.

Simply pushing their advantage, Blaze wins another two team fights and pick up a few more towers. With 0 towers taken, TSM is down 11k gold (24k-35k) with a score of 4-10 at 20 minutes. TSM manages to win a team fight, but a well timed Twisted Fate ultimate scares them away from baron, and the minions take another turret for Blaze. TSM manages to win another few skirmishes, but Blaze's pushing waves are making it impossible to push back, TSM simply defending their base.

One bad engagement leaves TSM down 2 members, allowing Blaze to take another turret, inhibitor, and get baron on their way out, pushing their gold advantage up to a nearly insurmountable 18k (60k-42k). With a final push, Blaze manages to kill every member of TSM except Soraka without losing a single member, and pushed for the win.

With perfect teamwork, perfect map control, and an aggressive nature, Blaze completely decimates TSM in game 3, making the score an amazing 3-0 in favour of Blaze.

Winner: Azubu Blaze



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