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MC at ROG 2012: Day 2 coverage

By Robert 'InzTTP' Wylie
Aug 3, 2012 12:35

ImageYesterday we saw MC cruise into the second group stage in first place. He faced the stiff competition of BabyKnight and Titan but defeated both of them convincingly. Today will be even tougher. MC faces the Group of Death featuring Hero, Naama and Suppy. Read on for updates regarding MC’s day 2 progress!

Day two of Assembly is about to get underway with SK’s own KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang kicking off group A. MC faces an afternoon of intense competition verse three top tier opponents.

Despite topping his first group stage, he isn't getting off easy. Group A will be the group of death for day 2. The players to advance will no doubt be the favourites to take the entire event.

Group Stage 2 - Group A
KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang
KR Song Hyun 'HerO' Deok
US Conan 'Suppy' Liu
FI Santeri 'Naama' Lahtinen

It's a hard road ahead of KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang. All of his skills will be put to the test starting with an epic Protoss vs Protoss against KR Song Hyun 'HerO' Deok. Both players are on top of their game right now, it will be a very tough match for MC but if anyone is capable it is him.

Group Stage 2 - Group A

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 3 - 1 KR Song Hyun 'HerO' Deok

Game 1 ESV Ohana - Winner: MC
Game 2 ESV Cloud Kingdom - Winner: HerO
Game 3 GSL Daybreak - Winner: MC
Game 4 Entombed Valley - Winner: MC

MC takes the series and will face Naama in the winners match!

Series recap:

Both MC and HerO are the type of players you expect to see in the round of 4 of tournaments. Right from the start it became clear that both players knew each other very well which always makes for an exciting match up.

Throughout game 1 it was clear MC’s ability to read HerO was going to be what decided this series. Every attack HerO threw at MC he managed to defend, despite being caught out and losing his tech structures so early on in the game. MC’s decision making of when to push his advantage earned him a quick lead in the series.

Game 2 however showed HerO wasn’t going to sit back and allow MC to stomp all over him. The intense multitasking from HerO was too much for even MC to handle. MC continued to fall further behind which gave HerO the ability to catch up and quickly over take MC to even the series up.

The last two games were the turning point for MC. It was clear that he didn’t want to sit back and defend whatever HerO could throw at him. Game 3 we saw MC become the aggressor for the first time in the series and contain HerO for as long as possible. Giving him the advantage going into the late game, MC never let his macro slip and ran him over in the end with impressive Collosus micro.

The final game was a culmination of everything we had seen so far, MC once again showed his incredible multitasking ability. Attacking with speed warp prism Immortals and defending HerO’s 1 base Collosus push with ease he pushed on to face Naama in the winners match up.

Group Stage 2 - Group A

KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang 3 - 0 FI Santeri 'Naama' Lahtinen

Game 1 TSL 4 Antiga Shipyard - Winner: MC
Game 2 GSL Daybreak - Winner: MC
Game 3 ESV Cloud Kingdom - Winner: MC

MC takes the series 3-0 without a single problem to advance to the quarter finals!

Series recap:

Naama is a player not many people would have predicted to be in this position, one match away from the round of 8. His playstyle isn’t loved by many but it has proven to be effective against some of the best players at the event. However he would have to get past SK’s own MC.

MC is on fire right now, he has yet to drop a series in the entire tournament and just powered past his biggest challenge so far HerO 3:1. MC has had problems with PvT in the past but today he was showing no signs of weakness.

The series got off to a strange start, the notoriously cheesy player Naama opened up with a fast expansion into a hidden 3rd base, which was never scouted by MC. Despite having such an economical lead his ability to keep up with the relentless aggression from MC crippled him in game 1. It was only a matter of time before MC ended the game and once Naama moved out it was GoodGame.

After the first game MC decided to sit back and let Naama dictate the pace. Game 2 on Daybreak saw Naama pile on the early pressure but just like the series before MC’s multitasking and micro was on full display as he crushed every attempt at aggression. MC followed the stellar defence with a quick 2 base Collosus timing to end the game.

The final game saw Naama return to his roots, opting for the 1/1/1 all in. However it wasn’t his day as MC got a well timed scout into the natural and prepared himself for the incoming attack. With perfect Observer scouting he prevented the drop from doing any damage which forced Naama into a last ditch effort. The ever so famous Naama train was shut down by yet again perfect defence to solidify his spot in the Quarterfinals tomorrow.

Tomorrow KR Min Chul 'MC' Jang will kick off his championship run against Mana, the games get underway tomorrow at 10:00 BST. Here on we will have full coverage of every game featuring MC.



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