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Azubu The Champions Summer 2012 – Quarterfinal #1

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Aug 1, 2012 18:06

ImageAzubu The Champions continues this week with the playoffs stage. 8 teams are still in the battle for the huge prize pool and 2 of them gave their all today in the first quarterfinal.

The old rivalry between KR Choi 'Locodoco' Yoon-sub and KR Yoon 'MaKNooN' Ha-woon emerged once again today when KR StarTale and KR NaJin Sword clashed in the first quarterfinal of Azubu The Champions. In case you've missed the epic matches, read on for all the details.

KR NaJin Sword vs KR StarTale

Game 1

Bans: NaJin Sword: Alistar, Rumble, Anivia – StarTale: Ahri, Karthus, Malphite

Picks NaJin Sword : Nocturne, Graves, Shen, Kennen, Leona

Picks StarTale: Urgot, Ryze, Nautilus, Yorick, Olaf

The first game started with StarTale stealing the blue buff and both top laners actually going in the bot lane. First blood was picked up by Graves on Locodoco. After that Nocturne ganked bot lane, which resulted in Olaf's death. At the top lane StarTale’s unusual support Yorick died to Graves and Leona, MakNooN on Shen ulted top and Kennen came from mid lane only to get another kill on Locodoco between the two top enemy turrets. Sword then went for the first dragon of the game which they took without any opposition.

StarTale finally managed to get their first kill on Leona in bot lane, but Sword were already way ahead of them – they picked two more kills in mid lane, all outer turrets and the second mid one. Sword went to push the second top tower and that was where the first team fight happened – they won it 2-0 and pushed till they took the inhibitor, as well. It was time for them to finally take baron and they did so, but Nautilus tried to steal, which resulted in him dying and a bit later Locodoco shared his fate. In the final push Sword took the remaining inhibitors and some more kills and finished the game.

Winner: NaJin Sword
MVP: KR Watch - 1/0/8

Game 2

Bans: Startale: Ahri, Karthus, Shen – NaJin Sword: Alistar, Malphite, Rumble

Picks StarTale: Anivia, Leona, Corki, Skarner, Olaf

Picks NaJin Sword: Graves, Nocturne, Taric, Morgana, Jax

The second game started a little bit different with StarTale’s Skarner ganking bot and Locodoco getting first blood. Skarner’s second gank was in the top lane but unfortunetely for him, it wasn’t that successful as he was countered by Nocturne and Morgana and Sword picked up two kills. At the bot lane the AD Carries killed each other’s supports. Minutes later Sword picked up the first dragon of the game and killed Locodoco who was lurking near the pit. Skarner ulted Taric behind bot turret, both of them died.

StarTale once again showed what they are capable of when they found two of Sword in a river bush and annihilated them in a matter of milliseconds. The first team fight though went 2-1 in favour of Sword. They tried to take out baron, but StarTale initiated on them and managed to stop them, though losing three and killing only two. Sword then initiated under StarTale’s second mid turret and aced them, losing only two. That allowed them to take a free baron and two more kills after that, make a final push and finish the game, winning the first spot in the semifinals.

Winner: NaJin Sword
MVP: KR PraY - 10/3/7

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