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VeryGames wins the 4PL CS:GO Cup

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Jul 31, 2012 19:33

ImageThe French players of Team VeryGames wins again in a CS:GO tournament. This time the 4PL CS:GO cup and the team picking up €1000 prize money.

In the final match could FR Team VeryGames win against the mixed team SE ROCKSTAR. The Sweden mixed team had been going strong in the competition and were expected to put up a much stronger fight against FR Team VeryGames, who managed to breeze past them 16-6 on de_inferno. They had shown just how strong they were against QualityServeur in the semi-final beating them 16-2 but in the end overcoming the French and World number ones was a bridge too far. Altogether, the French players presented themselves very strongly in the complete cup.

The third place was rather a surprise. In third place was the German mix DE Team DEMÜTIGER who feature players who have made their name with Thermaltake and n!faculty. They too were given a lesson in the new game by VeryGames in the round prior to the final.

Final standings:

1. FR Team VERYGAMES (ex6tenz, RpK, NBK, kennyS, apeX) (+€1000)
2. SE ROCKSTAR (magikerN, eRalos, face, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT)
3. DE Team DEMÜTIGER (maxell, psiRo, skube, ste, FRANKIE)

Source: - VeryGames Win 4PL CS:GO Cup
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