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TeG with one change

By Aleksandar 'gunnero' Dimovski
Jul 30, 2012 23:13

ImageThe Elder Gods made a change in their lineup by removing Antonio "canceL" Mihai and Iasar "reN" Ener who is a former Earthquake member will replace him.

Antonio "canceL" Mihai joined TeG on 3th of June after a day of the news that we announced for TeG & earthquake with mutual changes. He represented them in only one tournament but with bad results at PGL summer #1.

However Iasar "reN" Ener win the PGL Summer #1 with his mixteam by defeating The Elder Gods. Ener played with TeG in 2007 during one tournament but later he joined Eq and represented them for most of the career.

The Elder Gods:
RO Iasar "reN" Ener
RO Daniel "DaNy" Voinea
RO Marian-Daniel "k1d0r" Paka
RO Marius "MARIUS" Ionita
RO Taofik "TaofiK" Jawich

Their next tournament will be a pre-qualifier before a Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament which is held at the Romanian ESWC qualifier. The prize pool for the tournament is $2450 and $980 will go for the winners.



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