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CS:GO ESWC Qualifier

By Marvin 'Destroyer1721' Horstmann
Jul 30, 2012 20:49

ImageThe tournament brackets for the ESWC in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were published. The participant field in the Open Bracket and Invite Bracket is phenomenal big.

More and more players are interested in the new fps-shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This development you can see at the participation and the shown interest in the CS:GO ESWC qualification. Few hours ago the tournament brackets were published for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESWC qualfication.

ESWC Open Bracket:

The "Open Bracket" represents the bulk of the teams that signed up, of which there were just over 300 full teams in total with another 800 expressing an interest. This open bracket was for teams who were not considered up to the calibre of those in the invite bracket.

ESWC Invite Bracket:

Many known teams can be seen. The better teams all drop in at the later stages and most of these teams will be whittled out in the next few days on de_aztec in the first stage, followed by de_dust2. As you can see though, if even half of the teams that have popped up while the game is in beta stick around then the scene will have a bright future indeed.

The ESWC CS:GO Invite qualification starts on 31 July. The Open bracket starts today. Who will make the running tomorrow. What do you think about the development of the new game? Write your opinion in the comments.

Source: - ESWC CS:GO Qualifier
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