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ECC: Poland The grand final - vs M5

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Jul 29, 2012 19:47

ImageTwo days of intensive matches has been played. and M5 have fought their ways to the finals. Who will take the first place, $15 000 as well as 400 really valuable Circuit points ?

EU Counter Logic Gaming EU vs RU Moscow Five

Game 1:


CLG.EU: Malphite, Rumble, Ezreal, Karthus and Leona
M5: Shen, Sona, Nocturne, Corki and Kassadin


CLG.EU: Jax, Yorick and Vladimir
M5: Urgot, Maokai and Alistar

Game starts with both of the teams playing very safely and defending their own jungles. At 4 minute mark Diamondprox pulls out a successful gank on Wickd and picks up the first blood. Right after Wickd gets back on his lane he gets ganked again by Diamondprox, setting M5 to an early lead in gold. While CLG tries to gank top lane Moscow five is able to pick the first and uncontested dragon at 10:05. Timer hits the 15 minute mark while M5 is leading with over 3k gold and a score of 5-1.

2nd dragon picked by CLG at 16:45 forcing a team fight near the dragon pit. M5 has more damage after all and they end up taking 4 kills for 1.

3rd dragon is taken by m5 at 23 minute mark with no problems at all. Straight after that M5 goes aggressive picking up the first mid tower and 3 kills.

First baron of the game is picked by M5 at 24:09 and with the help of that buff they are able to roam around the map trying to pick up objectives but CLG manages to defend their base well, as always. At 32 minutes CLG decides to surrender after they get aced under their mid inhibitor turret.

Winner: Moscow Five


Game 2:


CLG.EU: Malphite, Kog'Maw, Soraka, Nautilus and Anivia
M5: Shen, Nunu, Ashe, Udyr and Gragas


CLG.EU: Urgot, Yorick and Kassadin
M5: Maokai, Rumble and Alistar

The game starts with CLG invading M5's jungle but eventually leading to CLG backing off without a fight. Both teams play very defensively until first blood is picked up at 9:53 on Yellowpete when Alex Ich successfully ganks bot lane. Right after that M5 picks up the first dragon at 10:18

The second dragon is taken uncontested by M5 at 16:54 as well as the 3rd dragon at 23:25 setting M5 into a 6k gold advantage with a score of 4-0.

The 4th dragon goes to M5 as well at 30:09 following with M5 diving the whole CLG under their mid inhibitor turret, acing them with no loss and picking up an uncontested baron at 31:29.

Dragon spawns and no longer than 10 seconds until Darien goes and solos it for M5. At this point the only thing CLG can do is defend their inhibitor turrets. First inhibitor turret goes down at 39:30 when M5 is able to ace CLG.

At 41 minute mark M5 picks up the second baron of the game forcing CLG to back off and give up 2 of their inhibitors. The gold difference between these two teams is now over 20k.

A few minutes after that M5 goes for the final push. They pick up a few kills on CLG forcing them to back off and easily bringing down the base turrets and finally the nexus !

Moscow Five is the winner of ECC: Poland




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